MCES holds “WOW” night

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By Tia Lynn Lecorchick

staff writer

Morgan County Elementary School (MCES) hosted WOW Night, Working on the Work, this month. The event is a student-led tour highlighting the work they have done in school, replete with student-constructed math centers, technology centers, social studies centers, science centers, and language centers. “Students would lead parents through the different activities to show them what they’ve learned this year,” said Ty Snyder, principal of MCES. “We felt like parents were more engaged this year because the students were leading them instead of teachers just talking to them.” The school hosted WOW Night as a parent involvement event and a presentation of student learning. Snyder estimated the between 200 and 300 parents showed up for the event. “It went really well. We are doing a lot of innovative things at the school and parents were engaged with seeing it,” said Snyder. “We call it WOW Night because we highlight how students and teachers have been ‘Working on the Work’ this year. Our theme this year is ‘Blast Off Into Student Work,’” said Snyder. After the student-led tour, the school held a book fair to raise funds for the school’s media center. “We do two book fairs each year through Scholastic Publishing to raise money for our media center. A variety of books and other related materials will be on sale that are of high interest to students and appropriate to their reading abilities,” said Snyder. “It provides an opportunity for parents to learn more about what students have been learning this year. The various classroom stations provide the students a platform to demonstrate, explain and model their learning to parents as well as the various methods their teachers use to teach them,” said Snyder.

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