13th Annual Madison Antique Show & Sale

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Anna Marett, Hanemayer and Beverly Libby admire fine jewelry.

Anna Marett, Hanemayer and Beverly Libby admire fine jewelry.

Showcasing American Antiques & Accessories

By Tia Lynn Lecorchick STAFF WRITER

The Madison-Morgan Cultural Center (MMCC) held its annual Madison Antiques Show and Sale on Feb. 21- Feb. 22. According to Ruth Bracewell, director of the MMCC, the event brought in almost 900 visitors to Madison.

The MMCC website states that “the Madison Antiques Show and Sale showcases American antiques and accessories with many southern pieces, and attracts nationally-recognized dealers from around the country.”

The event featured American antiques including furniture, pottery, art, silver and textiles. “The quality and quantity of the antique Southern furniture and decorative arts on display is unparalleled by any other antique show in the country,” said Bracewell.

“This special annual event was a huge success, with more attendees than last year. They came from cities all over Georgia, as well as Alabama, Florida, Missouri, Tennessee, South Carolina, and Texas.”

Bracewell described the event as a win-win for the MMCC and antique dealers. “Dealers were pleased with their customers’ purchases, and the Cultural Center was pleased with the increased attendance,” said Bracewell.

The MMCC has no yet released how much money the event raised for the MMCC, but Bracewell said that the money will be put to good use. “The income will be used to support programming at the Cultural Center, including many free or low-cost programs which can’t be paid for by tickets,” said Bracewell. Bracewell believes the annual antique show and sale is one of the best events the MMCC provides for the community.

“This exhibit is a perfect example of a program that fulfills our mission to present high quality visual art exhibits and performances, while also providing education about the program. An added bonus for the community is the economic boost provided when hundreds of out-of-town visitors come to a program at the Center,” said Bracewell.

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