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Dave Belton Fundraiserweb

Dave Belton (Right) entertains the crowd by playing music with some of the Buckhead Boys.

By Tia Lyn Lecorchick staff writer

Dave Belton, member of the Morgan County Board of Eduction, is running for State Representative for Georgia District 112 as a republican candidate.

He is running against two other republican candidate from Newton County.

In December, Representative Doug Holt, who currently represents District 112, announced he would not seek re-election to the State House.

Everett and Jane Royal, the owners of Variety Works, a wedding venue in Madison, hosted a fundraiser at their facility on Feb, 21 to show their support of Belton and to encourage the community to help Belton get elected. “We have a great person running.

We have the best of the three candidates. He is someone we can support whole-heartedly. Get all your friends and neighbors to go out and vote for him,” said Jerry Caldwell, a Madison retiree, as he introduced Belton.

“We can get Dave elected, but we need your help,” he told the crowd. “We need a representative from Morgan County,” Everett Royal told the packed crowd. Belton addressed the crowd at the fundraiser.

“I have nearly universal support from Morgan County, and I am so grateful for that. I am humbled by it. I hope you will give me your prayers. It’s very difficult running for office,” said Belton.

“I need money, there is no question about that. It’s very expensive to run,” explained Belton. “I have a vision that our children will have the quality jobs to raise there children back here, back home. We want quality growth, we want to protect the charm of this community,” said Belton.

Belton invited Alex Sorohan, the sister of Caleb Sorohan who died in 2009 while texting and driving, to speak at the fundraiser.

Sorohan informed the audience of Belton’s instrumental involvement in helping the Sorohan family get Caleb’s Law passed, a bill outlawing texting and driving in the state of Georgia, which passed in 2010.

“Dave Belton helped us. He never dismissed us because we were only 16. He was there every step of the way and led all of us through the process. He gave us countless hours of his days that year,” said Sorohan.

“He was there talking to the legislators and he made such an effort helping us get the law passed.”

“Within six months of Caleb dying, we had a law passed. I think that is all thanks to Dave Belton,” said Sorohan.

Belton describes himself as a Reagan Republican and a conservative Christian. He has served on the Morgan County Board of Education for eight years.

Belton asked the crowd to vote for him and to tell their friends about his candidacy.

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