Biz Buzz: Bieber fever takes a back seat to Spring

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Dianne Lively Yost

Dianne Lively Yost

By Dianne Lively Yost, Columnist

Lord have mercy! There’s a rambunctious ruckus goin’ down at the Big House! I can hear the hollerin’ from here! Look out! Momma’s done kidnapped Justin Bieber and she’s got ‘em hog tied in PawPaw’s barn! Hot fire Momma! You’re gonna flat ruin PawPaw’s barn with the likes of Justin Bieber! I’m talkin’ the horses won’t even step foot in there now ‘cause they know a fool when they smell one! Heck! Even the pigs are in an uproar and don’t even get started on those squawkin’ chickens! That’s cause pigs and chickens got more manners than that pretentious punk! Now call Canada and tell ‘em to come pick up their boy! Atlanta! You’re welcome!

Now that we’ve solved Atlanta’s Number One Problem, let’s get on with the Buzz! Madison Retailer Extraordinaire Keith Rex is in the process of moving’ his men’s consignment shop Jacks & Kings from West Washington Street to 132 West Jefferson Street next to his other West Jefferson shop Jonquil Corner! Wow! I’m talkin’ Keith ain’t wearin’ no fancy kicks this week ‘cause honey he’s in work-boot mode! Right so Keith says the new location has more space to fit all his cool new merchandise! Can’t wait to see the new Jacks & Kings! Keith says it’ll be open for business March 6! See y’all there! Wow!

Last week The Ladies of Del Webb visited Madison from Lake Oconee! These fabulous ladies had lunch at Town 220 and then they just went shopping! I missed ‘em at Charcoal Lane on Main Street but caught up with ‘em at Artisan Alley on West Jefferson! These ladies flat know a fabulous dinin’ and shoppin’ destination when they see one!

Y’all need to get your tickets now before it’s too ding dang late! That’s right! It’s time to get your elastic-band pants on ‘cause honey on March 13 from 5:30 til 7:30 p.m. at The Hall at the Madison Morgan Cultural Center, it’s Taste of Madison, sponsored by the Madison-Morgan Chamber of Commerce! Honey this year’s event is gonna rock your taste buds like Elvis! The restaurant lineup includes Town 220, Chick-fil-A, Ricardo’s Kouzzina, Amici Italian Café, Pizza Hut, The Caboose, Steak N Shake, The Caboose-Madison, Scoops, Big Kev’s BBQ, Madison ChopHouse Grille, Mitcham Farms, Yesterday Café of Rutledge, The Chowder House, Bonner’s, Bake, Rattle & Roll, LaFonda and That Pizza Place! Oh and honey Coca-Cola is gonna be there too with a Coke and a Smile! Love it! This is the PERF family event and is a delicious way to support your local Chamber! Y’all go by the Chamber or just give ‘em a call at 706-342-4454 to get your tickets and don’t forget to bring the kids!

Y’all check out the Madison Morgan Cultural Center’s movie night is this Thursday night, Feb. 27 at 7 p.m.! The documentary is called ‘Bidder 70’ – a Southern Circuit Independent Film! Y’all call the Cultural Center at 706-342-4743 for more info!

Hey! If you’re lookin’ for a job, check out the Citizen’s classified section! Yes! We got a heap of jobs listed this week! What’s the what? It’s fixin’ to be SPRING! That’s what!

Honey LilyBeth’s in Rutledge has got a bunch of new fun merchandise like bright and colorful spring scarves! Hey and Amelia’s has got a ton of it’s spring fashions in already! Barkin’ Dogs Shoe Co., is flat walkin’ on fine green grass! And honey Laughin’ Moon has flat got Spring Goin’ On! Love it! And, lord have mercy BB&G (Belles, Beaux & Gifts) is literally bloomin’ with spring throughout the shop! Artisan Alley has gotten in some great new jewelry from out West and these really cool new outdoor wind chime bells! JK Linens is restocking for Spring and Teal Couture is rockin’ it will tons of spring fashions! I LOVE IT! I’m talkin’ it’s time to get our Master’s fashion ready honey! And, don’t forget Town & Country has got both men’s and women’s fashions and Ava Alexander has the perf jewelry and accessories and even that little black dress! My handsome husband is fixin’ to lose his wallet or at least his credit card!

That’s it for the Buzz! But dang y’all! Don’t go yet ‘cause the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in their fancy red jackets just galloped up to PawPaw’s barn to pick up their boy Justin! Let’s serenade ‘em as they ride off into the sunset! Hit it: Na-Nana-Na, Na-Nana-Na, Hey, hey, hey. Goodbye! Yeah! I’ll see all y’all next week!

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