BOE sets qualifying dates for local elections

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By Nick Nunn staff writer

Bobby Howington announced during the February 20 meeting of the Morgan County Board of Elections and Registration (BOER) that the qualifying period for four Morgan County offices – Board of Commissioners Posts Districts 1 and 2 and Board of Education Districts 4 and 5 – will be March 3 through March 7.

Howington also said that Dave Belton, current representative for the Board of Education District 5, will be able to continue serving as a Board of Education member, despite his qualifying for this year’s Georgia House of Representatives District 112 election.

He noted that, since his current term on the Board of Education will expire before his term in the House of Representatives, should he be elected, no conflict exists.

Additionally, Howington that the redistricting process is complete and that the Office of Elections and Registration is only waiting for the new precinct cards from the state office before they will be mailed out to Morgan County voters.

Potential poll workers have been contacted regarding their availability for the 2014 election cycle, and Howington stated that, while he needs 38 workers and approximately two alternates, only 26 previous workers have confirmed their availability.

BOER Member John Milliken suggested that the board contact the school to see if it would be possible for a single high school student to work at each polling location. Milliken said that having students see the democratic process in action would “bring young people into the voting process.”

Howington informed the board that all officials completed their necessary ethics filings before the January 31 deadline. He also presented a sample invoice for fines, which would be sent to any officials, should they not complete their filings in time in the future.

Howington stated that, in the event that an official earn fines because of filing late, he would also attempt to call and email them to inform them of their delinquency before the invoice becomes necessary.

Milliken stated that the BOER should have a called meeting to approve of invoices for fines before they are sent out, as a way of deferring the ultimate responsibility for issuing the request for fines to be paid to the board itself.

The BOER approved of changes to their intergovernmental agreements with Madison and Bostwick, which clarify language as the BOER as “superintendent” of the elections for those municipalities and reflect recent changes in ethics filing requirements. Howington described the set of changes as “just a formality.”

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