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On February 19 a larceny complaint was filed at Wal Mart, Eatonton Road, after a woman reported that a white male with salt and pepper hair, glasses, wearing a blue button up shirt, blue jacket and blue jeans had taken several electronic items from a locked case without paying for the items. Reports state that an employee observed the man squatted down in front of the electronic case and then later noticed that two IPod Touch devices and four IPod Nano devices were missing.

On February 20 Amanda Gail Butler, 22, Madison, was arrested and charged with shoplifting, possession of narcotic equipment and possession of methamphetamine. According to reports, an officer responded to a shoplifting complaint at Wal Mart, Eatonton Road. While at Wal Mart the officer was told that Butler had allegedly attempted to conceal six pairs of panties, a “Padfolio” and two pairs of headphones on her person. The items were valued at $38.59. After Butler was detained, the officer located three glass pipes in her purse. The pipes allegedly contained methamphetamine residue.

On February 18 a warrant was issued for the arrest of Derrick Partee, 31, Madison on damage to property, simple assault and larceny charges. According to reports, a woman stated that Partee came to her East Jefferson Street residence and repeatedly banged on the outside of the residence seeking her permission to enter. The woman said once Partee entered the residence he hit and shoved her and took $130 that she said was designated for rent. The woman said she told Partee that she was calling the police and he left but as he was leaving he allegedly attempted to throw a chair through her bedroom window from outside the residence and when the chair failed to break the window he then threw a concrete block through the window.

On February 19 a harassing communication complaint was filed at a Hancock Street location. According to reports, a probation officer contacted authorities after a man on probation allegedly called the officer and expressed displeasure with the way the judicial system was operating, specifically in regards to the probationer. He also allegedly told the officer that the probation company had picked the wrong person to “(expletive) with.”

On February 15 an aggravated assault and larceny complaint was filed at the Wal Mart parking lot, Eatonton Road. According to reports, officers arrived to find a woman in the parking lot in the care of Emergency Medical Service workers. Reports state that the woman said she had arrived at the store with a friend who had the complainant’s care but that when she left the store she could no longer find the friend or the car. The woman said she then went behind the store to take a nap but she woke up to someone striking her from behind, creating enough force that she fell forward and struck her face. Reports state that she had a gash above an eye and appeared to have suffered a concussion. The woman said after she was struck she walked to an auto parts store and then back to Wal Mart to use the bathroom. Officers contacted an employee of an adjacent auto parts store and the employee said the woman had entered the store and attempted to clean up her bloody face in the sink before becoming argumentative regarding the auto parts store repeating a parts number she had given earlier to a customer. Officers said while at the hospital the complainant continued to fall asleep. Hospital staff told the officer that the woman had tested positive for methamphetamine, amphetamine, marijuana, synthetic narcotics, depressants and alcohol. A doctor at the hospital theorized that the complainant might have been attempting to kill herself based on the large amount of narcotics in her system. After the woman was given an anti-narcotic drug, reports state, she became lucid and told officers that she had come with a friend from Jackson, Ga. to come up with bail money to bail out another friends boyfriend. The boyfriend had been arrested and charged with driving under the influence, drugs. The woman was told to collect the boyfriend and his girlfriend, who was the granddaughter of another friend, and bring them all back to Jackson. The woman said they arrived in Madison and that her friend first wanted to stop at Wal Mart. The friend later told officers that during the trip to Madison she and the complainant had smoked methamphetamine, taken Zanax, taken Tylenol 3 and drank liquor on the trip to Madison. The friend said she and the complainant were supposed to raise bail money by stealing items from Wal Mart and then returning the items and by defrauding trucking companies out of trailer repair checks. Both endeavors failed, however, with the friend being told to leave Wal Mart for acting suspiciously soon after she and the complainant arrived. The friend said she left and waited for 30 minutes for the complainant but after the complainant never left the store, she assumed the complainant had been arrested. The friend said at that time she began drinking again and waiting for the grandmother’s granddaughter (the girlfriend of the man in jail on the DUI charges) to get off work. The friend said she picked up the granddaughter from work and then transported her home and sat in the car with her while the granddaughter smoked methamphetamine. The friend said she became lost after dropping the granddaughter off. A deputy found the friend parked with the vehicle’s lights burning on Mission Road. She was awakened and detained because the vehicle had been reported stolen by the complainant. The friend said she was confused and disoriented because she had not slept in approximately five days. Officers then went back to Morgan Memorial Hospital and were told by the complainant that she was being released and that friends had sent people to Morgan County to retrieve her and bring her home. The woman was told that her vehicle was located and she allegedly told officers that she was no longer interested in the officer’s “services” and that she would handle the theft of her vehicle “old school.” The friend was taken from the police station to the Pilot Truck Stop to wait for a ride home. A male friend of the complainant and the complainant also drove to the Pilot Truck Stop, retrieved the friend and then left the city limits of Madison.

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