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Rachel Harper

Rachel Harper


By Rachael Harper, Columnist

I never would have thought it, but I have had a run-in with a rooster!   While Carrie. Mark, and Raegan were away at a gymnastics meet this past weekend, I looked after their dogs and chickens.

They have five chickens and a rooster and it is so nice for the fresh eggs we all can get.  Mark built a nice little pen for them in which they have their nesting boxes in which to lay their eggs and poles to roost on at night.

I just had to make sure the chickens  have food and water in their feeders and gather the eggs.   I go in and out with no problem usually!

On Saturday evening as I was getting ready to go out of the pen, the rooster started coming at me like he wanted to fight.  All I had was a little plastic bowl to put the eggs in, but strangely enough, there weren’t any that evening.

I started saying, “Shoo, Shoo,” and sticking out the bowl to hopefully scare him off.  Well, he wasn’t scared one bit, and kept on squawking and running at me, like he was getting madder by the minute.

When I opened the door wide enough for me to get out, well, he came out with me, still carrying on to beat the band, but since the dogs were still outside, they got in on the act and started chasing the rooster.

I know the whole neighborhood had to have heard me screaming at the dogs and me carrying on.   I just knew the dogs were going to catch it and kill it and I didn’t want to be the one to have caused the death of the rooster.

The rooster finally retreated to the hedgerow and got down in a ditch, but the dogs had it cornered.  I then tried to corral the dogs up in the back yard and get the little one inside.

I thought I had Boone locked up, but by the time I got back to the chicken pen, he had escaped through another gate and was back at it.  I finally took my phone and called Bruce to come down and told him I needed some help.

Finally, I got the dog locked up again; Bruce opened the chicken house door and Nathan drove the rooster out of the bushes and he ran back in the pen.

I guess it was a good thing the dogs were there to distract the rooster off of me, because the rooster didn’t’ show any signs of backing down.  My sister Bertie had an encounter with a rooster when she was expecting her oldest son, Arthur.

She and Leon were living on the Eatonton Hwy, just across from the first Rock Eagle entrance at the time; they only had one car, no phone, and 34 years ago, no one had cell phones.  Leon had driven the car to work that morning.

She had gone out to feed their chickens and their rooster attacked her, knocking her down, and breaking her foot.  She hobbled out to 441 to flag someone down to help her get up to Mama and Daddy’s, just up the road.

Thankfully, Hughlon McElhenney, who was married to Lillian Stewart, who we all knew, stopped to pick her up.  He took her up to Mama and Daddy’s but they weren’t home, so he called me.

I went over and took her to the hospital to get fixed up. All of that was on ordeal!   I don’t know why the rooster got so mad at me; maybe he was tired of seeing me and wanted his real caretaker back.

I took Bruce with me the next day and of course he had no problem whatsoever.  We all extend our sympathy to the family of Nita Huff who passed away this past Thursday.

Mrs. Huff was the mother of Pam Huff Scruggs, a classmate of mine, but sadly, Pam passed away in 2008 after a very short illness.  A son, Larry Huff, survives her as well as grandchildren.

Larry is having some health problems of his own and is currently in the hospital, but hopefully will be able to be at his mother’s memorial services on this coming Sunday which will be at 2p.m. at the First United Methodist Church here in town.

We also want to remind everyone of “Old Buckhead Days” which is to be held on Saturday, April 5 at the Buckhead Park next to the fire station.  There will be a 5K road race to begin at 8:30a.m..

The cost is $20. on or before March 26 or $25 after that date.  You may register at  The parade will begin at 10:00a.m. from the parking lot of Buckhead Baptist Church.  Line-up begins at 9:30 – 9:45a.m..

Music will begin at 11:00a.m. as well as face painting, food, bingo, corn hole tourney, 3-legged raced, sack race, and the skating rink will also be open.  All of this will go on until 3:00p.m.

You may call Cheryl Saffold at 706-342-6636 or Robin Bone at 706-474-8223.  Mark your calendars!!

The Porter boys, Will and Ben had a very, very good week down at the Georgia National Jr. Livestock Show at Perry this past weekend.  It was like a dream come true where all of their long hours of hard work and dedication finally paid off.

Will won Reserve Grand Champion of Division II with his heifer, Suzy Q, from the David Moss dairy in Godfrey.  He also placed second and fourth with his other heifers.

There were 389 heifers at this state show this year and to be in the top eight is indeed awesome and amazing.  Ben won his class with his breeder ewe and went on to win Grand Champion Commercial Breeder Ewe and even went on to win Supreme Overall Grand Champion Ewe!  This is a great, great honor!

This was the best line-up ever of many, many great sheep; 140 ewes in all.  Ben was presented with many plaques, silver plates, and a nice big check.  He will attend a dinner on March 28, the dinner of Champions which is given by Georgia Farm Bureau for all 9 species Grand Champions and each will be awarded their winnings of $1000,00, all of this given by Ga. Farm Bureau.  He will also receive a very nice belt buckle.

He was also interviewed by the Georgia Farm Bureau Television program.  This is broadcast on RFD TV  which is channel 231 on Dish Network; I don’t know what the channel is on Direct TV.

I hope I get to see it.  Congratulations to these boys for all of their hard work and winnings!  The Fairview Club met on this past Wednesday at the lovely home of Faye Hill on Ponder Pines Road.  There was a good attendance.

Patsy Holbert brought a wonderful devotional.  Our president, Emily Brewer, then turned the meeting over to her sister, Joan Gilbert, who gave directions on making a beautiful knitted scarf and then showed all the different ways you could wear it.

Everyone enjoyed looking and learning !  Afterwards everyone enjoyed the delicious refreshments provided by the hostess.  Our March meeting will be at the home of Shirley Lancaster.

Hayden and Henry Roling spent Saturday night with their grandparents, Sally and John Hensley, so their parents, Chad and Holly Roling could enjoy a night out, Sally and John Hensley traveled down to Macon on Sunday to see their son, Matt and Hannah Hensley.

They all went out to lunch to celebrate Matt’s birthday last week and to also see their new apartment which they have recently moved into.  Matt commutes to Monroe where he is employed with the Walton County Sheriff’s Dept. and Hannah is continuing her studies at Mercer Law School there in Macon.

Betty and Marvin Ingalsbe enjoyed having family members from Indiana as their guests this past weekend.  They all attended services at Trinity Baptist Church on Sunday morning.

The Trinity Baptist Church was glad to welcome their pastor, Rev. Darrell Van Horn, back to the pulpit on this past Sunday after he had been out for some time recuperating from heart surgery.  The Van Horn’s son and his family from North Carolina were also present at the services.

They were weekend guests of his parents.  Emily Brewer surprised her husband, Bobby, with a birthday get-together on Sunday afternoon on the occasion of his 80th birthday at their lovely home on Pierce Dairy Road.

Several family members and friends as well as members of his and Emily’s Sunday School classes were on hand to wish him well on this special occasion as well as enjoy birthday cake and other wonderful refreshments.

Happy Birthday, Bobby!  Michelle Cathey of Atlanta along with Mark Harris and Tina Anderson of Highlands, NC were weekend visitors of Tommy and Raynor Cathey.

Karen and Jack Lindsey enjoyed some time away recently as they traveled to Montego Bay, Jamaica for sun, fun, and relaxation!  They will get back in time for it to get cold again, I am afraid!

Jason Kilpatrick’s mother, Mrs. Necia Silvers from North Carolina, spent this past weekend with Jason, Rebekah, and Grayson. Sarah Nell Craig spent the weekend in North Carolina with her daughter Stacy and Brent Loudermelk helping them move.

Moving is a hard, hard job; I don’t envy them!  Karalynn Clifton along with her other team swimmates, the Marlins, participated in a state swim meet up at Ga. Tech this past weekend.

They all did very well and had very good times on all their events.  Congratulations, girls!  We are very proud of you! Raegan Wilkins participated at the Smoky Mountain Classic Gymnastics Meet this past weekend in Sevierville, Tenn.

She scored a 37.05 which is her highest score all season so far.  She placed first on beam, second on vault, fourth on floor, and I can’t recall on bars.  She placed third all around.

We offer her congratulations also and are very proud of her.  Pablo and Dahlia Correa, missionaries whom Bethany Baptist Church supports, spoke at the evening service at Bethany on this past Sunday night.  Afterwards, everyone enjoyed sweet fellowship in the fellowship hall.

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