Union Springs: Men’s Day 2014

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T. Adrienne Terrell

T. Adrienne Terrell

Greetings from The Springs!  March will be a steady month for us since in addition to USBC’s programs, we will participate in a couple community events as well.

March 6-7, members from the National Baptist Convention will be at Calvary Baptist Church to conduct evangelism outreach training.  Instead of Bible Study on Wednesday, March 6th, The Springs will participate in this program.

Women’s Day is set for March 23rd where we will honor the ladies of USBC.  I don’t know who the speaker will be, but as soon as it is announced, you will be the first to know.

The Morgan County Minister’s Union Revival will be held March 26-28.  The guest minister will be Pastor Tracy Wheeler of Springfield Baptist Church in Atlanta, Ga.  Pastor Wheeler is a dynamic speaker and if you have the opportunity to hear him preach, you won’t be disappointed.  I will have more details for you soon.

Before I get into telling you about our program on Sunday, I want to share some news about Mother Willie Ann Johnson’s grandaughter, Monet Roberts.

She will be graduating in May from Georgia Tech with a degree in Biomedical Engineering. Now how awesome is that!  Also, she has been accepted into four Ph.D programs and has to decide which one to take.  Talk about having options!

I don’t think that anyone could be any prouder than her grandmother who Monet surprised with her attendance at church on Sunday.   Also, on Sunday, the Men’s Day Program was excellent.

The theme for the morning was “Advice to Young People” and we all were excited seeing several different new faces participating in this celebration.

Drum roll, please!  USBC’s Man of the Year is Deacon Leonard Goss.  Many in the community know that he a quite an accomplished man and also know that his family was instrumental in actually building the old church.  If there is one person that you could talk with in the community, he would be a wise choice.

Deacon Goss’ family history and testimonies should be heard by all.  Congratulate him the next time you see him! Pastor Robert Terrell’s sermon gave us the solution to tackling the really hard things in life.

When those hard situations come, we have to use hard tactics. Reverend Terrell said that we are good to use the principles of giving and praying.  Giving is a principal of the church which opens up things for us.

Secondly, we all know the power of prayer and its benefit to our lives.  However, there is the third principle of fasting and we neglect to use this.  We are good at giving and praying, but we fail at moving those mountains in our lives by not fasting, too.

Pastor Terrell led us to Matthew 6: 1-8 and 16-18 to reveal how we are to go about using these foundational points to fight the tough battles.  Now in verses one through eight, we see that our giving is an individual thing to do.

In addition, praying can be individual and collective. Our joint efforts can also be used with fasting. As he went into discussing corporate fasting, Pastor Terrell brought out these points.  If anyone gets a breakthrough with this type of fast, the others that participate can claim the anointing too.

Everyone of us in the collective effort can claim one another’s anointing.  This unity in the church is powerful! Pastor T put it like this.  You can’t come to a gunfight with a pocket knife.  Some of the demons that we come against are bigger than what a knife can do.  Another way to look at it is this.

Most of us come to fight those hard things in life not prepared.  When the enemy pulls out his firepower, we need to use something stronger!  When we get ready to move those mountains, we are to give, pray and fast.

The breakthroughs come by using these three foundational pillars of power in the church!  Glory Be To God!

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