Celebrating Black History Month at African American Museum

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Morgan County Seniors enjoying a tour of the African American Museum in February for Black History Month were: (front row) Marie Stansell, Nellie Wilson, Amy Boswell, Minnie Peek, Alice Scott, Willie J. Waller, Bertha Thomas; (Back row) Rosby Murray, Geneva Smith, Addie Johnson, Lorene Mohone, Doris Booker, hostess and Fula Reed

A good group visited the African American Museum on February 19, in observance of Black History month.  We were treated to a guided tour and a lecture by the staff of the Museum.

Those who made the trip talked about the experience for several days.  Thanks to those who make this site available to us and keep the past documented and available for us to experience. We had a full house Friday for our Advisory Council Meeting.

Led by Chair, Janice Knight, and Vice Chair, Evelyn Helms, the group of Dr. John Wade, Runea Daws, Gerri Cooper, Lynn Goodman, Annie Mosley, Joyce Thomas, and George Williams meet quarterly to hear about the activities, and business end of our program.

They are very supportive of our Seniors, and genuinely concerned for our program.  Thank you to these who took from their personal time to be able to meet and share with us.

Our Cherry Blossom and Hambrick’s trips are both full, as we have a capacity of only 25, and the sheet filled up quickly. You never want to start the week and month on a sad note, but that’s exactly what happened today.

When we couldn’t get one of our faithful participants to the door or on the phone, we were anxious.  As it turned out, we had every right to be worried, because we lost Ms. Lessie “Pearl” Alexander today.  She came every time the doors were opened for over 16 years now, and jokingly fussed at us when we closed due to the inclement weather.

Her best known response to “How are you doing?” was “I’m moving in Jesus’ name.”  This statement that came to life today as she is not bound by a motorized scooter or walker any longer, and is the presence of her Heavenly Father.

We are stunned and sad, but for ourselves, not for her.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to the King family as they make arrangements for her.

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