Old Buckhead Days is fast approching! April 5!

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Betty Moore

Betty Moore

By Betty Moore, Columnist

Congratulations to Thomas and Leigh Ann Bell in being new grandparents. Their daughter Allison and her husband just announced the birth of their first child, a son. They live at Albany.

Margaret Bell is a new great grandmother. Reid and Gwen Alliston are new great grandparents! Congratulations to you all!

Edna Smith and Frieda Knight went to Eatonton Sunday to see Beatrice Smith and her husband Buddy. They also saw Carrie Harper at the nursing home.

Get set! Day light savings time begins March 9! It takes me a while to get used to it. But we all have to do the best that we can. We can’t help ourselves!

Old Buckhead Days is fast approaching! April 5 will be upon us and we will see a parade that begins at the Buckhead Baptist Church. Get your entry ready! At 8 a.m. the 5K-road race will be run. Entry fee is $20 if paid before March 26. After that it will be $25. The parade goes to the fire station.

There will be a sack race, face painting, music food and more fun things for you to enjoy your day. The event at the fire station will be from 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. Come one come all! The money goes for city needs. Chuck and Miriam Foster had George and Laura Lohr, Jo Marcrum, Margaret Bell and Barbara Tyson for Sunday lunch. Dennis and Julie Godbee went to a birthday party Sunday afternoon in Eatonton. Leigh Coberly visited John and Gail Wade Sunday afternoon.

The Brotherhood at Lake Oconee Baptist Chapel will be on March 1. Spring is just upon us. As we look at the trees they are beginning to bud. In a few weeks they will have pollen, pollen, pollen and many of us will have eyes and noses that are affected by the pollen at its worst. March 20 is the first day of spring and Easter is late this year on April 20. We have the ticks, flies, bugs and snakes to contend with.

When I was young we had a large car or truck tire that we played with. We sat down in it holding firmly to the sides. One or two children pushed. It was a thrill to ride down that fast. When we were at the bottom of the hill or driveway of course it fell over.

It did not hurt us we were protected within the tire. We would jump up all excited and be ready for another ride as soon as the others rode down the driveway or hill. There was one problem getting the big tire back up the hill. Usually we all helped to get it back.

There was not a problem with each having their turn to ride but we were anxious for their turn to hurry up and get there. Can you imagine being in the tire with it rolling over and over quite rapidly with us in there At this point in life I can think about it an it makes me a little sickish.

I won’t ride the rides at the fair or the roller coaster or anything else that goes fast or has height. Once when I was in high school we had a day off to go to the fair. Another girl and I got on something that looked innocent enough. You set on benches. You were strapped in. The man got it started.

It went along just fine our seats went around and up hill and down on a track. It went fast. It kept going and going the man that ran it must have gone to lunch or gone shopping in Atlanta or something. It seemed like it was going faster and faster! I thought that if I could ever get off that I’d never ride anything again. After a long time the operator came back. I asked him where he had been.

He laughed at me for not liking the ride. I know that it sounds silly to not like rides after riding in a tire at a rapid pace down hill as a child. And I wasn’t ever fastened in. But let’s just say that maybe I didn’t have sense enough to be afraid back then or something. At any rate I like for my feet to be on the ground. Period!

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