Remember, Daylight Saving Time starts this week

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Rachel Harper

Rachel Harper

By Rachel Harper, Columnist

Spring is trying hard to get here!  Sunday was absolutely gorgeous.  My sister in Tennessee said Saturday was like that up there and then on this Monday they had already canceled her school and Leon’s classes since ice and snow were predicted; I haven’t talked to her as of yet, so I don’t know what is happening.

Daylight saving time starts this coming weekend, too!  After my rooster story came out, Bruce saw our neighbor, Jack Lindsey, and he said, “You need to tell Rachel our story about the boy we named “Rooster” in college.  Bruce said, “You are going to have to refresh my memory; what story?”  Bruce said he had to dig down deep and go way back in his memory, but it finally cam back to him.

When he and Jack were students at Georgia there was a boy in their animal science classes who was from another country (across the ocean, so to speak).  They said he dressed the part of a cowboy everyday by wearing boots and a cowboy hat; he was all into it.  He also worked at a job in the department to help out with his schooling expenses.

He worked at the poultry research department and his job was to feed and look after chickens that they were using to do research and develop a better breed, etc, among other things.

One day, this boy went in the pen to feed the chickens as usual and all of a sudden one of the roosters jumped on his back and started pecking and attacking him.

Well, he tried to get him off, but to no avail; so he just reached back, grabbed the rooster by the neck, slung him around, broke his neck and killed him!!  Now, this was a very important rooster who the poultry department depended on to breed the hens and they were keeping detailed records about the baby chickens he produced and all of that.

In about five seconds, this rooster was DEAD and all of the research  records were gone; everything was down the tube!!  I don’t blame the fellow and what was he to do??  From then on he had the nickname, “Rooster!!”

Thank goodness, my rooster did not jump on my back;  I honestly don’t think I could have made myself wring his neck, although I think I could have beat him with a stick!  I remember, Grandma, Bertie, and Aunt Sadie going out to their yard, catching one of their chickens, wringing his neck, and then laying it down on a board and chopping their head off.

It gave me the “willy-nillys”  I might could have shot one, but I wouldn’t count on it.  We all want to extend our sympathy to the family of Tempi and Jim Davidoff in the passing of Jim’s father, John Davidoff last week.  Tempi was the daughter of the Osiecky’s who lived on Aqua road in the Fairview community.

The Davidoff’s live on Aqua Road also.  A memorial service will be held at a later date in Miami, Fla.  Our thoughts and prayers are with all of the family at this time.  Annette Eaton has had company from Canada as her houseguests for around two weeks.

Mrs. David Bickle, who is Bruce Eaton’s daughter, and her two children, Mary and Christian from Ottawaw have now returned to their home after visiting with Annette and other Eaton relatives as well as her mother and brother, Nan and Curtis Eaton from Augusta.  Congratulations are in order to Karen and Jack Lindsey as they  became first-time grandparents this past week.

Little Conner Bryce Wages was born on last Tuesday, February 25th to Casey Wages and Kathya Degente.  He weighed a healthy 8 lbs. and 4 oz. and is doing great.  Congratulations to everyone! We also want to congratulate Laurie Fortson as she was named Employee of the year at the Madison branch of the United Bank.  Laurie is a very “people” person, so this is no surprise!

We also want to congratulate Emma Garrison as her artwork was chosen to be a part of the AFLAT art show recently.  Emma is the daughter of Brian and Rhonda Garrison and the granddaughter of William and Gloria Crew and Vicky Malik.

She is quite the little artist.  All of the Ainslie children, Mary Jo and Ron Prescott, Andy and Carolyn, Beth Watkins, and Sally and Dan Porter with most all of their children and grandchildren, along with Mrs. Mary Ainslie all enjoyed a day at her farm on Saturday before last on the occasion of Sadie Porter Carver’s birthday.

It was a beautiful day and all of the grandchildren enjoyed fishing to their heart’s content and having contests to see who would win the biggest fish, the most fish caught, and on and on.

Then they all enjoyed having Chop Suey and Yakima (you will have to ask how that is made!).  Both of these dishes are an Ainslie tradition, so the younger ones are carrying it on!  A good, good day was had by all!  Happy Birthday, Sadie!

Gracin Thrasher participated in a talent program in Atlanta, Access Broadway, over the weekend where she performed in singing, acting, and dancing.  She won several top awards.  She is a very talented girl.  We want to send out congratulations to her!

Larry Brewer of Snellville visited Frances Brewer during this past week.  He then left to visit Crew and Hilda Brewer in Conyers for a while.  Sarah Nell and Steve Craig had as their weekend guests their three granddaughters, Peyton, Elise, and Meri Kenny of Acworth.

On Sunday, morning at Antioch Baptist Church’s breakfast, Beth Bradley, who also goes to Antioch, spoke to the group on cancer and the upcoming Morgan Co. relay for life events.

She spoke about early detection, treatments, and clinical trials of which she, herself, has participated, since she is a cancer survivor herself.  All of the ladies really enjoyed learning and hearing about all these things and she also got them really fired up to participate in the upcoming Relay for Life events.

Antioch will also host the upcoming Morgan Co. Baptist Assoc. county wide event on Thursday, March 27.  It will be sponsored by the WMU of the church but men are certainly invited.

From 5:30 until 6:30 there will be an interactive prayer room set up where you can go to pray, which is presented by Pam Whitehead of Watkinsville from the Southern Baptist Convention.

At 7p.m., they will have two speakers– two women from Iran who were held captive in the prisons there and who will give their testimonies.  Everyone is welcome to attend.

Please call 706-474-5963 or contact Esther Curry at Bethany Baptist Womens Fellowship group will have a ladies tea on April 6th at 12:30 in the fellowship hall.  You are certainly invited to attend this as well, but please RSVP and let them know you are planning on attending.

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