Rutledge woman taps into spiritual side

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Rajbir Francis

Rajbir Francis

By Patrick Yost EDITOR

Rajbir Francis is aware. The diminutive clerk at Rutledge’s Park N’ Shop is aware of the earth, the bloom of a flower, the scent and sounds of life. She is also deeply spiritual and unafraid.

The 63–year–old Francis, who at 21–years–old earned a Masters in English from Punjab University, has recently completed and published through Xlibris publishing two works of poetry.

“A Glance Upward’ and “A Glance Upward Part II” are works that Francis has compiled over a lifetime of writing and observing and, more importantly, remembering. Francis and her husband James have much to remember.

The couple left India after marriage and moved to Tehran, Iran through Afghanistan. After five years in Iran their first son was born and the Iranian Revolution was in full bloom.

The couple moved again to West Germany, then to Cairo where two more children were born.

The couple then moved to Cyprus and eventually in 1988 to New York before moving to Rutledge in 1992. For Rajbir, the journey has been a trip based on spirituality and following God’s word.

The books, she says, stem from her “love of God.” “I love to go to any religious place.” Rajbir says in her youth when she would come home from school her grandfather would call her to his side to read religious poetry.

The activity stuck and the words, and comfort sunk deep into her mind. “He encouraged me so much,” she says. “He said, ‘Never stop writing.’ ” So she heeded his advice.

Before the couple left India Rajbir had completed a full notebook of handwritten poems that she entrusted to a brother for safe–keeping.

The brother enjoyed the poetry so much he carried the book when he travelled. Tragically the book was lost with the brother’s luggage. Rajbir took the loss in stride.

“He felt so bad,” she says. Rajbir is inspired, she says, by observing nature or the scent of a flower that transforms her back to her childhood. “Nature brings my memories back.. back to my childhood, back to my youth.” She also opens her mind and pen to find solace in her hectic world.

Poetry, she says, brings her closer to God and allows her to look inward. “God fulfills all wishes.” The books are currently available at; and

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