Acres, Evans qualify for BOE seat

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Brad Evans

Brad Evans

By Tia Lyn Lacorchick staff writer

Brad Evans, 37, a local attorney in Madison, has announced his candidacy for the Board of Education (BOE) District 5 . Dave Belton is vacating his seat on the BOE to run for state representative. “I have been looking for an area to get involved in and be of service to the community,” said Evans. “Since my children attend Morgan County schools and my wife is a teacher here, this seems like a perfect opportunity. I could step in and impact my own life and impact the people in my district.

We are invested in these schools.” Evans, originally from Quakertown, Pennsylvania, moved to Morgan County in 2003, where he now resides with his wife, Jennifer Evans, a third grade teacher at Morgan County Elementary School (MCES) and their two children, Bennett Evans, 11, and Driver Evans, 5. Evans is impressed with the Morgan County School System and wants to contribute to their success.

“I want to maintain the standard of education we have in Morgan County. We have a great school system. I want to follow whatever the superintendent and the teachers in Morgan County want as long as it is in the best interest of the kids,” said Evans.

Evans believes that his profession as a lawyer will be a viable asset to the BOE. “As a lawyer, I bring something to the table that no one else on the board has. I was trained as a laywer to think in a certain way, so I can bring a different way of thinking to the board,” explained Evans. Evans supports the new state-mandated curriculum for Georgia schools, the Common Core Curriculum.

“I have talked to teachers in every school and I have yet to have any teachers tell me that the Core Curriculum is anything but a good thing,” said Evans.

“Unless something better comes along, I think it helps maintain the quality standard of education we have here in Morgan County. Evans said it is his familiarity, commitment, and experience that should compel the people to vote for him.

“I have been invested in Morgan County over the course of the10 years that I have been here. This is our home. I want it to be the best place for our family and other families that it can be,” said Evans. It’s not for personal gain. I am running because I think it’s the right thing to do. I think that I can help,” said Evans.

Kim Acres

Kim Acres

By Tia Lyn Lacorchick staff writer

Kim Acres, 55, has announced her candidacy for the Board of Education (BOE) District 5 position. Dave Belton, who currently holds the District 5 position, is vacating his seat to run for state representative.

“I am well invested in these schools. I want to be a voice for the people, the teachers and the kids,” said Acres. Acres, 55, serves on the Governance Committee at Morgan County Elementary School (MCES) and served on the Calendar Task Force this year to help craft the academic calendar for the next two years.

Acres was inspired to run for this position when she got involved in the debate over the academic calendar about a year ago. “I didn’t like it,” said Acres. “I wanted the school year to begin after Labor Day.

I did a lot of research about other schools who start after Labor Day and there are many benefits to it.”

“We found that it would be less of a cost on the taxpayers of Morgan County and it would give the students a full three months of summer vacation,” explained Acres. I proposed taking away the October break and going back to the normal schedule, how it was when I grew up.” Acres spearheaded a petition for her calendar proposal and garnered over 300 signatures.

Although the BOE turned down the proposal, the experience left Acres with the desire to get move involved in shaping the school system. If Acres is elected, she hopes to raise concerns over the Core Curriculum, the state-mandated curriculum for Georgia schools.

“I do not like the Common Core Curriculum that we have. The board can not get rid of it because it is a state curriculum, but the board can raise their voices about their dislike of it.

I think we need more transparency with our board. The board needs to remember that they not only serve the teachers, but also serve the people.”

“They say the Core Curriculum is supposed to be a college-prep and rigorous curriculum, but it’s an experiment that no one really knows how it is going to turn out.

We are seeing some kids struggle with it, kids who were honor roll students,” explained Acres. Acres moved to Morgan County in 1984 with her husband, Kevin Acres.

They have two grown children, Matthew Acres and Kristy Pritchett and are currently raising their two grandchildren, Dustin Acres, 15, who used to attend Morgan County schools, but is now home-schooled by Kim Acres and Lizzie Acres, 11, a fifth-grader at MCES.

“Because I have been here for a very long time, have sent my kids to Morgan County schools, and I know a lot of people in this community, I am well aware of their needs and concerns. I do very well with speaking out about what needs to be done and I believe I can accomplish what needs to be done,” said Acres.


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