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Momma! I’m home! I brought you a brand spankin’ new . . . Oh My Ever. Livin’. GOSH! Yoda! Ironman! Indiana Jones! What in the Sam Hill is goin’ on? Whoa! Did somebody slip psychedelic mushrooms in my tea? Momma y’all can’t play poker with our shoppin’ money! Yoda! Get that light saber away from me before I slap you to kingdom come.

“To kingdom come you will slap me not.” What? Don’t get your metal plates in a rust, Ironman! No one’s gonna get hurt so put down that ding dang horsewhip Indiana! I give up! Deal me in. That’s right y’all! World famous movie characters will soon be prancin’ all over Madison and Morgan County!

That’s ‘cause the Retro Cinema at Ricky D’s, located at 139 E. Jefferson St. in Madison will have its grand openin’ at the end of this month! Ok so here’s the deal. . . . Dana Kibbey (who owns Ricky D’s with her husband Richard) gave me the sneak peek tour last week all I can say is this: Y’ALL ARE GONNA FLIP YOUR LIDS! Ok so it’s supposed to be a surprise so y’all are gonna have to see it for yourselves but trust me: It’s flat PERFECT and will BLOW YOU AWAY!

I’m talkin’ museum quality fun! The restaurant is retro, fun and perky and it will sell Vienna Beef products includin’ hotdogs, polish sausages and Italian roast beef sandwiches! Yum! Plus y’all they have this super fantastic delicious frozen custard like Momma used to make on hot summer days! It is sooo yummy!

Ok so . . . every single detail is flat covered. The movie lobby area is filled with cool memorabilia and the theater is in a word: Awesome! And, don’t even get me talkin’ ‘bout the super chic, super fly wine bar called The Backstage.

It even has it’s own backdoor entrance. Y’all this is gonna be a fantastic attraction to downtown Madison and Morgan County! Oh think about the cool events Ricky D’s will host around televised sporting events. Talk about the big screen! I mean honey this place is as first class as first class gets down to the smallest detail! Well done !

Y’all keep watchin’ this column for more intel! Bark-Bark Bark! What is it Petey the Poodle? Oh right! I flat near forgot! Main Street Vet is offerin’ a new service and a cool promotion! I’m talkin’ all ‘bout their new dog walkin’ services!

That’s in addition, to full vet services, grooming, boarding, dental care, alternative medicine and more! Check out their website at or give ‘em a call at 706-342-2955! Oh and don’t forget to like them on Facebook ‘cause you can post a pic of you and your pet for a chance to win a fun Main Street Vet prize! Love it! What’s the what? Honey! It’s the First Friday of the month and you know what that means?

It means the Madison Artists Guild Gallery located at 217 West Jefferson St. in downtown Madison across from Town Park is hostin’ a fun party and this Friday its Mardi Gras y’all! Love it! Plus three other downtown businesses are gonna join in the fun!

Right so this Friday, March 7 from 5 p.m. til 8 p.m. you’ll find fun décor, food and libations and great door prizes at The Madison Artists Guild Gallery as well as Artisan Alley at 199 West Jefferson St. and IBowman Gallery at 207 West Jefferson St., both right down from the Madison Artists Guild Gallery and Ava Alexander located at 202 West Washington St. on the other side of Town Park! This is a great way to spend the evening!

Shopping local and havin’ a party at the same ding dang time! LOVE IT! I’ll flat see you there with Mardi Gras beads on honey! Oh and this just in: Daystar Christian Childcare & Pre-School is under new ownership! That’s right y’all and owner Christi Greene wants all y’all to come out for an open house on March 14 to check it all out!

Plus they are enrolling for Pre-K now! Y’all check it out at 1591 Old Buckhead Road in Madison or give Christi a call at 706-342-7432! Hey and don’t forget to check out her ad in this week’s newspaper!

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