MCHS varsity soccer teams beat Newton on the road

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Leila Dycus intern

The Varsity Soccer teams were back in action this week taking on Newton on the road. On Tuesday Feb. 25 the Varsity Soccer team hit the field for a game against Newton.

Both teams faced a difficult Ram’s team. However, the Bulldogs were ready to face the challenge with both teams beating Newton.

“Three-fourths into the first half I felt like we were kicking the ball around the field without purpose,” said girls coach Anne Stamps. However, at half time Coach Stamps was able to talk to the girls and encourage them to do a better job of keeping possession and kicking to their teammates feet. In the second half the girls did just that.

After the pep talk, the girls did a better job of settling the ball and passing the ball into open spaces. Coach Stamps applauded the girls for listening to instruction and trying to execute the instruction on the field. The girls defeated Newton 3-1. Scores for the night included: Susanna Peppers, who put two points on the board, and Amanda Anderson.

Peppers and Madison Evans played well in the midfield together. Anslyn Stamps had some great crosses from the left wing. Coach Stamps said that the team is young this year, but many of those young players have a lot of experience playing soccer.

She went on to say that this team would be fun to watch as they come together as a team and that she is optimistic that their end result will be success on the field. “I am heavily depending on my captains: Anna Bryant, Susanna Peppers, and Anslyn Stamps this season to lead this team in hard work and dedication to our program on and off the field,” said Stamps. The boys also faced Newton last week.

For the boys, the Newton team was tall, athletic and quick to the ball at every turn, giving the Bulldogs a hard time in the first half. The Bulldogs spent much of the half trying to match their speed and athletic intensity, but at the cost of staying true to their organized game. The score was 1-1 after the first 45 minutes and they were frustrated, as they knew that had left a couple of goals on the field.

At the half Coach York emphasized the value of an organized attack and making intelligent decisions on the pitch. The team was able to implement their adjustments and the goals materialized. The Bulldogs went on to beat Newton 5-1. Scores for the night went to Jonathan Camacho, who put two goals on the board.

Ricky Mendez and Marcos Martinez both put points on the board in the form of free kicks from the 40-yard line late in the game. Newton added an “own goal” for the fifth goal.

“It seems odd that after a match that saw us net 4 goals offensively that we say this but we will need to improved our finishing offensively,” said boys coach Brandon York. Both teams will be hard at work and will take on Putnam and Monroe Area at home this week.

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