Planning Commission approves plant nursery conditional use

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Plan calls for reduced paved parking at Bethany Road Site

By Leila Dycus, Staff Writer

By Leila Dycus staff writer The Morgan County Planning Commission held their regular meeting last week to discuss a requested amendment to a conditional use approval.

In August of 2013, Ryan Taylor obtained a conditional use permit for his nursery business located at the intersection of Highway 441 and Bethany Road in Madison.

The original plan included a pavement drive, building, displays and landscaping. After the approval of the original plan, Taylor decided he wished to amend the original plan.

The original plan had paved entrances off the by-pass and Bethany Road and paved access to the parking area, which is required by Morgan County Development Regulations.

The new plan proposed replacing the parking areas with gravel and featured reduced paving, curb and gutter. Morgan County Planning Director Chuck Jarrell noted that the entrances on the by-pass and Bethany Road would still be paved. Commission Member Scott Campbell asked about the transition water route and was answered with that it is collected in the corner of the property and piped to a retention pond.

It was noted that the nursery is on a septic system and not on city water. Taylor told the commission that his reason for the change is that the big trucks would just tear up the asphalt and that the change would provide a safer flow of traffic for customers.

Commission Member Joe Cardwell asked Jarrell if this was something the county feels comfortable with changing and Jarrell said that it was. Commission Member Dennis Myers also asked that, if Taylor decided to pave more in the future, would curb and gutter come into play, and Jarrell stated that it would. The Planning Commission unanimously approved the amendment to Taylor’s conditional use permit.

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