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On March 8 a civil dispute report was filed at a Ponder Pines Road location. According to reports, a deputy responded to a Ponder Pines Road residence after a man said his neighbor had threatened to bulldoze his fence line. The man said that he and the neighbor had an ongoing property line dispute. The neighbor also agreed that the two parties were in dispute over the property line.

On March 7 a simple battery complaint was filed at a High Shoals Road, Bishop, location. According to reports, a woman alleged that her former husband had pushed her out of the house and down a set of back steps following an altercation. A deputy observed that the woman was favoring one arm. The woman said that she and the ex-husband typically did not argue since the divorce. The ex-husband told authorities that the woman had struck him in the face with her purse and clawed at his hands during the altercation and he forced her from the residence because she refused to leave.

On March 6 a forgery complaint was filed at a Athens Highway location. According to reports, a woman reported that a man contacted her regarding her name and address being used on an envelope for forged checks. The man told the woman that he had been sent a forged $950 check to purchase an item he was offering on Craiglist with the instructions to cash the check, keep some of the proceeds and wire the remainder money back to the sender. The man told the complainant that he was familiar with these types of scams and wanted the woman to know her name was being associated with the scam.

On March 6 a domestic dispute complaint was filed at a Clack Road location. According to reports, a woman told deputies that she and her boyfriend had fallen on hard times and were currently living with the boyfriend’s parents.

The woman said she attempted to call someone in her family to deliver food but no one in her family helped them. The woman said her boyfriend began to make disparaging remarks about her family and an altercation begun. The woman said she used the man’s phone to attempt to call her sister but that the man grabbed the phone and pushed her. The man said the woman made the call and was attempting to leave with his phone. The woman asked a deputy to transport her to Family Dollar where she would wait for a ride from her sister.

On March 5 a criminal trespass complaint was filed at Morgan County Middle School after a 15-year-old student told authorities that he had broken a urinal in a bathroom.

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