Madison Artists Guild hosts Mardi Gras gathering

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Tia Lynn Lecorchick staff writer

The Madison Artists Guild hosted a Mardi Gras event on March 7 to kick off their new monthly series of community events. On the first Friday of every month, the Artists Guild will host a gathering open to the community. “We were happy with the event.

We had a good crowd,” said Jack Meyer, marketing coordinator for the Artists Guild. “It was a very good turnout.” The Mardi Gras event featured food, music, and decorative masks. According to the Artists Guild website, the event is part of the non-profit organizations over all goal to promote “education in and encouragement of artistic endeavor in our members and the community through planned programs and regular gatherings.”

“We are trying to get more involved with the community,” said Meyer. “We are trying to let people know what we are all about and what we do with the community. We want local businesses to participate in our activities and encourage people to shop locally.”

Next month, on April 12, the Artists Guild will throw a Scavenger Hunt Fundraiser open to the community. According to their press release, the event will feature “teams of Madisonians competing to see who knows the best history, the local hotspots, the famous and not so famous happenings around our downtown.

You’ll want to start assembling your team of players, picking those who know something of our history as well as where to go around town. And, because this event is sponsored by the Madison Artists’ Guild, creativity will get you bonus points.

Contestants will be given 15 clues and two hours to find them. When the times up, we’ll gather at the Icehouse Underground to Award the prizes and celebrate with the winners.”

The Madison Artists Guild is located at 217 West Jefferson Street in Madison. They are open Thursday through Saturday, from 11a.m. to 5p.m., and Sunday, from 1p.m. to 5p.m.. To find out more information, call: 706-342-9360.

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