MCHS soccer defeats Putnam at home

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By Leila Dycus intern

Morgan County and Putnam County have a newfound soccer rivalry and this year’s home match was a display of the challenge. The MCHS Varsity soccer team faced Putnam County on Wednesday March 5 at home.

Coach Brandon York foreshadowed the game calling it a new rivalry and stated that this past week’s games would not disappoint fans. Instead of the girls playing first the boys took the field to take on the Eagles. At the end of the first half the score looked as if it were going to be a shut out with MCHS leading 6-0.

At the end of the first half the team pulled a few of its starters in an effort to rest them up for the Thursday game against Monroe Area. Coach York said the first half was a very solid showing the team controlled possession for much of the half and took many quality looks offensively.

In the second half the boys would add two points to the board and end the game with an 8-3 win over the Eagles. Scores for the game went to Jonathan Comacho with two goals, Zac Anderson with a hat trick (three goals), Carlos Cadle with one, Clark Orr with one and Luke Biscoglia with one. Coach York went on the say that despite the score Putnam is a quality team, and he doesn’t feel like they saw their best. The boys will again face Putnam on their field this week and Coach York feels that the Eagles will be out for revenge.

The rivalry between Morgan County and Putnam has come from the teams knowing each other through club ball. Coach York said that Putnam has had a good team over the past couple of seasons that has tested the Bulldog team.

The girls were next to take on the Eagles. The girls also came out with a win over Putnam 5-4. Scores for the night went to Susanna Peppers with two goals, and Anslyn Stamps with a hat trick (three goals). Coach Anne Stamps said that the girl’s intensity on the field was good all night. They came out strong in the first half and did not let up in the second half.

The game was very physical. Coach Stamps went on to say she learned a lot about the character of their team. She was proud of each player for staying focused throughout the entire game and not allowing the opposing team or fans to interfere with the goal at hand, which was to win the match. The girl’s defense had an incredible night, they held the Putnam offense shutting them out the entire first half.

Anna Bryant and Morgan Money led the defense for the team and played a huge role in the win over Putnam. Bryant, Peppers and Stamps also did a great job in the game against Putnam. Erin Miller came back Wednesday after an injury and played a great game as the goalkeeper. Miller made some key stops over the course of the game. The varsity soccer teams faced Apalachee this past Tuesday and will take on Putnam again today on the road with games at 5:30 and 7:30.

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