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On Sunday morning attendance was good; glad to see everyone in service today, some are still out due to sickness, work and etc. Visitors were again present; look forward to them visiting with us each week.

We pray that they will continue to bless us and God will bless them by coming. We hope members and visitors alike will have a blessed week. The Call to worship, “Be Exalted.” Deacon of the week, Ronald Atkinson opened service with prayer. The choir special, “Marvelous-Amazing Grace.” Another special, “When He was on the Cross,” I was on His Mind,” by James Butler with Caitlin at the piano. Bro Ron’s message, “Being an Encourager,” II Cor. 1:1-4 and other scriptures.

In Paul’s writing he was dealing with people keeping him down, he needed someone to give him encouragement all along the way. Our encouragement and comfort comes from God through us talking to Him and when we read His word, He’s talking to us. Jer. 29:11 God offers encouragement and hope, God has plans for us. He is in control. Is God on the throne of your heart? Psalm 138:3 God responds to our call for encouragement, He gives strength and boldness. God’s not finished with us yet, He leads and guides.

We all need to learn to call someone like a close friend and share problems and/or needs; in sharing we learn to strengthen and encourage ourselves in the Lord. David got his encouragement from the Lord, he got along with God. I Thess 5: 11 Learn to encourage others and let others encourage you.

Pride stunts our growth; we need to let others help us. We can be encouraged by the example of others, and others can be encouraged by us sharing how God has encouraged us. Sunday night at 6p.m. Attendance was good. We had prayer, singing and Bro. Ron read scripture from Jer. 29 and then all present joined in discussion. Our deepest sympathy goes out to Janice Jenkins and family in the loss of her sister Mary Lejuan Culbreth Gordon.

We know they will look to God during this time for comfort, courage, hope and love and in the days to come. Next Sunday morning, March 30 Brownwood will observe The Lord’s Supper during worship service. Fifth Sunday night singing will be held at Brownwood March 30 at 6 p.m. On Sunday morning, April 6 Rev. Steve Parr will be guest speaker at Brownwood.

On Saturday, April 5 Brownwood Baptist will have an Easter Egg Hunt, the Resurrection story and lunch afterwards at the Family Life Center beginning with egg hunt at 11 a.m. Children invite your parents and friends to come with you for this big day. In case of rain all will be inside. Make your plans to come. Margie Ward visited Mary Jo Collins at Senior Solutions in Social Circle Friday afternoon. Saturday afternoon James Harold and Ellen Smith, Patsy James, Margie Ward, Brenda McAdams and Rev.

Ron Swann attended the memorial service for Mary Lejuan Culbreth Gordon at Faith Baptist Church in Monroe. Julie and Billy Phillips, Sonny, Mary, Rebekah, Rachel and Zach Wood visited Margie Ward during the week. ­­­Encourage someone today!­

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