Morgan County MS tennis teams face Athens Academy, Jefferson City

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By Nick Nunn staff writer

The Morgan County Middle School (MCMS) tennis teams took on Athens Academy and Jefferson City last week. The girls took wins over their opponents in both matches, while the boys beat Athens Academy but fell to Jefferson City.

Both the boys and the girls swept Athens Academy at home last Tuesday, March 18. Because Athens Academy did not have a full compliment of players, some of Morgan County’s victories were by default.

Avery Kirby, Clara Arienza, and Caroline Rittenhouse earned singles wins for Morgan County, while the doubles teams of Sara Moore and Madison Gasque followed by Mariella Plumley and Lilly Courchaine took doubles victories. For the boys, Chandler Brady, John Cardwell, and Ben Gill won their singles matches, and the doubles pairs of Wyatt Breedlove and Owen Anderson and also Jay Wadsworth and Nicholas Lewan took doubles wins.

“The matches we played were won handily,” said MCMS Tennis Coach Sloan Gill. “The Athens Academy players were unable to match the power and skill set from our players. It was a little disappointing for our team not having a full match, but it gave us an opportunity to play inter-squad challenge matches helping our players greatly to determine our next match line up.”

The tennis teams took on Jefferson City last Monday, March 24, on the road. The girls won the match 4-1, with Avery Kirby and Mariella Plumley earning singles victories and the doubles teams of Callie Arienza and Madison Gasque and then Clara Arienza and Lilly Courchaine taking wins as well “I am very proud once again for our girls team taking the commanding lead over their opponents winning 4-1 against a seasoned team of Coach Allen Thompson of Jefferson City Middle School,” said Coach Gill.

“Our girls made fast work over their team controlling the points and hitting many, many baseline and net winners.” The boys lost to Jefferson City 1-4. Chandler Brady earned a singles win for Morgan County.

“Our boys’ overall match was a loss at 1-4 but with much improvement in the level of play they all gave,” continued Coach Gill. “Staying in points and making their opponents hit one more shot. They did very well.” The MCMS tennis teams play at home Friday, March 28 against Malcolm Bridge for their final home meet of the season and will play their last matches against Malcolm Bridge on the road next Thursday, April 3.

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