“Peepers” have to be driven back three times before winters gone

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Spring is trying its best to get here, but we have to remember that Easter is very late this year–April 20th,  and that usually sets the tone for the weather.  We have some very pretty days and then a cold front comes in and takes over as it is supposed to do this week.  Grandma used to write that the “peepers”–the little tree frogs (I think)–would have to be driven back three times before you knew winter was over and spring had arrived.

I do know one thing; every one will be so glad for spring to come after this winter.  We have had a real winter this year! On Friday night, Bruce and I along with Jack and Karen Lindsey were treated to the Georgette Jones concert in Festival Hall in Greensboro complements of Karen’s father, Carey Williams and also to a wonderful dinner at The Yesterday Café.   Mr. Williams is the owner and publisher of The Greensboro Banner Herald.

He had read what I had written a while back  when George Jones passed away and knew that I really liked his singing.  I am so touched that he remembered and wanted to do this!  We thoroughly enjoyed it!  Georgette sounds just like her Mama, Tammy Wynette.  She sang  songs of her daddy’s and of her mother’s.  Festival Hall was packed; it is a wonderful facility and everyone was super nice.  I am just going to throw my pitiful “two-cents” in here and say that I do wish the Cultural Center here would have some shows like this one and others that cater to us ordinary folks–I just can’t help but think that they would do well.

I think this column is going to be a tribute to Greensboro… on Wednesday afternoon, the Fairview Club met at the home of Shirley Lancaster on the Eatonton Hwy.  After taking care of our usual business, the program was turned over to Juanita Harrison, the former Juanita Adcock, Shirley’s sister, and a member of our club.  You have heard of the pink ladies in the hospitals who are volunteers; well, Juanita is a “blue lady” at the new hospital in Greensboro–The Good Samaritan’s Hospital, right on Hwy. 44, that has just recently been built.

It was quite amazing what all she told!  They have 25 beds which are full a good part of the time; in fact, they have had to move people to Athens when they didn’t have room.  They have one operating suite and are in the process of building and outfitting another.  They have multiple doctors–from general practitioners, to orthopedists, heart doctors, urologists, etc. that are servicing the hospital and more are showing interest all the time.  They have a big outpatient and lab wing for outut. surgery and all of your tests such as for mammograms, CT’s, MRI’s, etc.  She said on top of all that it is just beautiful and that everything in it is new; they did not move one thing from the old hospital into this one and through donations, etc, it is 85 percent fully furnished.  She also said that they have around 100 “blue ladies” that volunteer and they are kept very busy.

They are training new ones all the time.  We all really enjoyed her talk and enlightening us.  After the program, Shirley treated the ladies to delicious refreshments.  The April meeting will be held at the home of Esther Curry with Sandra Brown as co-hostess.  We are glad to offer congratulations to some new babies that were born recently.  Ashley and Carolyn Campbell of Godfrey are the proud grandparents of little Ada Ashley Bennett who was born to their daughter, Amanda and Shawn Bennett in Newnan on March 6.  Ada weighed in at 8 lbs., 8 oz., and both mother and baby are doing great.

We are so happy for them and I know Ashley is happy at having this little girl for his namesake!  Sandra and Jerry Brown are also new proud grandparents as their granddaughter, Katrina, Richie Davis daughter, and her husband, are the proud parents of a little boy, Hudson Lewis.  He came into the world one month early weighing 5 lbs., 5 oz., but is doing really well, as well as his mother.  Congratulations to all of the family!

We also want to congratulate Shirley Lancaster as she is the proud new grandparent of a little girl who has just arrived to her parents, the Jay Lancaster’s.  Congratulations, Shirley!  She showed all of us her darling picture at our club meeting on Wednesday! Now we have some birthdays!  We want to wish Carolyn Maddox a very happy 84th birthday as she celebrated on this past Sunday with all of her family coming by to visit with her which she enjoyed. Aubrey Moon of Godfrey also has a birthday this coming week, but their family all joined together on this past Sunday to get together at their house to help him celebrate a new year.  Happy Birthday, Mr. Aubrey!

Sarah Nell Craig, Janice Philippi, and Rebekah Kilpatrick all went to Commerce on Saturday where they met their sister, Julia Gay Sabbadino, for a day of shopping and lunch.  Congratulations are also in order for Howard and Dale Thompson as their grandson, Christopher Epps, son of Dawn and Tony Epps of Athens, was recently awarded the honor of Eagle Scout of his boy scout troop.  He has been a scout for 10 years.  His Eagle project was to lead a group of volunteers to catalog and accurately record the data from the headstones at the Winterville Cemetery, located in Winterville.

This will be very helpful for family members researching their family history.  He will also be honored at the Masonic Lodge at their meeting on April 29.  We all extend our sympathy to the church family of New Enon Baptist Church in Godfrey as their long-time pastor passed away this past week.  He had been the pastor there for around 40 years.  I know they will certainly miss him.

Kathleen and Curtis Baugham from the Sugar Creek community visited with Frances Brewer on this past Monday morning.  Kathleen was the former Kathleen Bumgarner and she and Becky Brewer Haley were and are good friends from school days past.  On Saturday, Linda Pittman from Stone Mountain, Ada Milford Atkinson from Hampton, SC., Barbara Mason of Eatonton,  Anne O’Neal Terry and myself all met for a little get-together at Perk Ave. during the afternoon.  Linda and Ada were best friends from high school, but really hadn’t seen each other much since, so they planned this weekend get-away.

This was definitely a “catching-up” time and was very enjoyable!  Hampton is close to Parris Island, SC., and about an hour from Augusta.  We also learned they have lots of alligators there and you can even see them crossing the road quite frequently!  I just don’t think I would make it living there!!  It was so good having this “mini-reunion.  Ben Porter and his soccer team from Gatewood traveled down to Dublin this past Saturday to participate in the Christian Crusader soccer tournament.  We are glad to report that they came home winners!   Marlee Malcom is also busy this spring as she is on the track team.

This coming Friday is the Junior-Senior Prom at Gatewood and the following week is their spring break.  Julie and John Thompson with their family from Covington attended church services at Bethany on Sunday morning.  Everyone enjoyed seeing their newest addition, little Sarah Kathryn.

Everyone remember the meeting at Antioch Baptist Church on this Thursday night, March 27th, to hear a wonderful program of these two Iranian ladies speak who were held captive in Tehran.  Also mark your calendars for Old Buckhead Days on Saturday, April 5.  The parade starts at 10p.m., with music, fun, and other activities to follow at the Buckhead park.

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