Women’s Day 2014

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Greetings from The Springs!

Let me tell you that this year’s Women’s Day Celebration was simply awesome. Co-chairs, Toni Terrell and Gloria Carroll coordinated a weekend full of events which emphasized the theme, “The Daughters of God”.

On Saturday, March 22, the event co-chairs hosted the Ladies’ Royal Tea which started at high noon. The tables were set with purple coverings and adorned with lovely teapots of varying designs from Mother Gloria Carroll’s personal collection. Along with our tea, the young girls of The Springs served us a tasty light meal.

All ladies were able to take home a handkerchief trimmed in lace to remind us that we are God’s daughters. Sunday morning’s program was facilitated by Sister Toni Terrell and was full of high energy as USBC showcased several of our talented women. Gwen Johnson gave the welcome followed by Samantha Hubbard who read the scripture and Amber Goss who gave a testimony.

Veronica Nelson gave us words of encouragement which led to Lisa Green who introduced the speaker. The congregational prayer was led by Sheila Sanders and our music was coordinated by Dr. Kathy Hubbard. Each woman of God on the program did a fantastic job and, personally, I look forward to seeing them all in the spotlight again soon! Mother Gloria Ann Carroll, who hosted the Royal Tea, also was the speaker for the morning service.

She was born and raised in North Carolina and has been married to Deacon Thomas Henry Carroll for 36 years. She shared with the congregation that as a young girl, both of her grandfathers gave her affirmations which have helped carry her through life. She went on to say to the ladies that we are daughters of God. Ephesians 1:5-6 states, “Having predestined us unto the adoption of children by Jesus Christ to himself, according to the good pleasure of His will, to the praise of the glory of His grace, wherein He hath made us accepted in the Beloved.”

Also, we are all different. We praise differently and we worship differently and this is okay. Furthermore, we must learn to not to hold on to those things that make us feel guilty. And if someone hurts us, we should hate the sin and not the person. When we do these things, it allows us to live a life that is full of blessings, peace and abundance.

We are not to live a life of strife and struggle. I must say that I was encouraged and energized with her message as well as many others in attendance. Not only did her background in Christian counseling come shining though, but more importantly her strong background and faith in Jesus Christ. At the end of service, we found out that the Woman of the Year is Mother Gloria Brown.

She is our finance secretary and a very devoted servant of God. Sister Brown told us at the tea that she has recently retired and enjoying every minute of it. Please congratulate her when you see her. One of our special visitors on Sunday was Overseer Stella Head of True Life Ministries.

She blessed the church saying that the atmosphere at The Springs is conducive for miracles and that we should walk in expectancy. And might I say that she was looking great! Also, Pastor Barry and Dr. Jannie Broadnax, most recently with Grace Missionary Church, helped us lift up the name of the Lord.

I briefly had a quick chat with Dr. Broadnax after service and she has such a warm and inviting spirit about herself. The Springs will be looking for all of our visitors to return soon! At last Wednesday night’s Bible Study, we continued our series on fasting. Pastor Terrell discussed how the enemy tried to tempt Jesus when He fasted for forty days and nights.

In Matthew 4:1-4, we see that the enemy knew that Jesus could command things. The enemy will always bring some truth when he comes, but he comes with lies, too. When Jesus was face to face with Satan, He used the most powerful tools that He had which were the Word of God and fasting. Pastor Terrell revealed to us in St. John 13: 15-17 that if Jesus needed to fast, then certainly we must do the same. Pastor Terrell ended the lesson answering this question; does the Bible say what will happen when you fast? Yes! Isaiah 58:6 outlines what fast does. Some of the benefits are it breaks the bonds of wickedness, it will undo heavy burdens, it allows the oppressed to go free and it breaks every yoke.

When you fast, God will bless you! Let me remind you that on Wednesday, March 26th we will attend the Morgan County Ministers Union Revival to be held at Bethlehem Baptist Church in Madison, Ga. This is a three day event and services start at 7:30 nightly. Before I close, let me be the first to announce to you the birth of Christopher (C.J.) Smith and Reba Scott. Christopher Jordan Smith, Jr.

was born on Wednesday, March 19th weighing 6 lbs. 12ozs. C. J. is the son of Deacon Anthony Terrell and yours truly and we are overjoyed with the good news! Glory be To God!

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