Bet you can’t …

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Bets are a stupid thing. Well, maybe I should take that back. Better yet, bets are just as stupid as the people making them. (Kind of like: guns don’t kill people, people do. Except bets aren’t inherently dangerous) Stupid bets run the gamut from something as relatively harmless as licking a flagpole to “planking” on the balcony railing of your fourteenth-story apartment.

Rationally, we all recognize that these aren’t reasonable things to do, but, as long as there is the urge in the human mind to prove to another person that you are capable of not-so-ordinary acts, people will keep getting suckered into bad bets. In Romania, 25 year old Radu Cailincescu was duped into trying to prove how tough he is by his friends, which led to Radu eating a fork. Yes, a fork. And I know what you’re thinking – “How hungry do you have to be to eat a fork?” – but all of the evidence suggests that there was no rumble in Radu’s tummy that he was trying to get at with the eating utensil. After taking the bet that he was tough enough to ingest the fork, the fork lodged in his esophagus and caused him such pain that he felt the need to go to the hospital.

Eating a fork might hurt on the way down? You don’t say. At the hospital, however, doctors quickly realized that, since Radu had not suffocated in the meantime, the fork was not blocking his air supply and, thus, was not an immediate danger to him. Apparently, the doctors’ give-a-crap meter was on zero for Radu’s self-inflicted condition, because they told him simply to go home and see if the fork would pass the natural course of ingested foodstuffs.

Yeah, if it hurts in his throat, I’m sure it is going to be a vacation in the small intestines. Well, the doctors aren’t being completely heartless. They told Radu to come back in a few days so they could see if the fork moved in the meantime. That’s kind on their part, considering a fork could easily tear Radu’s stomach lining to pieces. Anyway, Radu claims to have gleaned a little wisdom from the experience, telling Britain’s Daily Mail that, “I realize now it was a very stupid thing to do. I don’t think I will be taking part in any bets for a while.” I’m sure you will, Radu. In fact, I’d bet on it.

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