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Attendance on Sunday morning was good. I know of some members out because of traveling to be with sick family members, others out due to working and sickness. Our prayers are for each one and all will be back soon. Several visitors were with us today. We are thankful for them coming and being with us. We pray they received a blessing and will come and worship with us again as God leads. The call to worship, “Revive Us Again Medley.” Joe Brown was deacon of the day.

He gave announcements and opened service with prayer. The beautiful Esster flowers were placed in the sanctuary by Christy Brown in memory of her loved ones. The choir special was, “How Great Thou Art.” Another special, “Life’s Railway to Heaven,” by Ronald Atkinson, Joe Brown, Toy Sims and Vernon Mullins with Caitlin Butler at the piano. Bro. Ron’s message, “The Cross,” I Cor. 2: 2 and other scriptures. Jesus died for everyone’s sins. We’re all level at the foot of the cross. The cross took our judgment, the wafts of God was appeased on the cross and satisfied, the cross was the place justice and mercy came together. God loves you and me.

Ours sins put Jesus on the cross, He became sin for us, bore our sin in His own body. The cross was place of darkness, death, Jesus gave up His spirit, and sin is connected with darkness, suffering and torment. To Satan he thought the cross meant Jesus had been killed, God was driving last nail in Satan, was deadly blow to him, when cast out of heaven.

To the world the cross meant a place where all sinners can find Jesus. Jesus didn’t cry. I am finished. He cried, “It Is Finished.” You and I can boast about the cross and have priority to our relationship to Jesus Christ, we died to the world when we accepted Christ, we died with Christ. Our message is, we have Christ and Him crucified. After the message The Lord’s Supper was observed, afterwards we sung a hymn and went out. Sunday night at 6 p.m. we had our Fifth Sunday Night Singing, good attendance was present.

On Saturday, April 5 Brownwood Baptist will have an Easter Egg Hunt, the Resurrection Story and lunch afterwards at the Family Life Center beginning with egg hunt at 11 a.m. Children invite your parents and friends to come with you for this big day. In case of rain all will be inside. Make your plans now to come. Hope to see you there. Margie Ward visited Ernest Ward Tuesday afternoon. Next Sunday morning, April 6, Rev. Steve Parr will be the guest speaker at Brownwood. Make plans to come hear this man. Saturday morning, April 12 the Brownwood Women’s Ministry will meet at 10 a.m. in the Brownwood Community building. The program, “Stronger,” by Angela Thomas, topic for today’s study is, “God is Stronger than my Overwhelming Life,” All ladies are urged to attend and bring brunch and munch food.

Hope to see you there. Julie Phillips and Margie Ward visited Mary Jo Collins at Senior Solutions in Social Circle Thursday afternoon. Zach Wood spent Saturday with Margie Ward. Centennial Baptist Church will present their Passion play April 12 and 13. Have a Blessed Week!

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