Famous Americans walk the halls of Morgan County Primary

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By Tia Lynn Lecorchick staff writer

The Morgan County Primary School held its annual “Hall of Americans” exhibit on March 25, in which second graders from Pam Latham’s and Stephanie Bennewitz’s, MCPS teachers, classes construct displays with 12 facts about a famous American. The students pick a person’s biography to read and then made either a poster, timeline, or powerpoint presentation to teach the rest of the school about what they learned. “I think it’s a wonderful opportunity for families to get involved and the whole school involved in learning more. We really enjoyed it,” said Bennewitz.

“We had a variety of famous Americans,” said Bennewitz. “We are reading different kinds of literature, focusing on biographies.” Exhibits included: Betsy Ross, Davy Crockett, Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, Jackie Robinson, Robert E. Lee, Michael Jordon, and Lebron James.

“The students were very creative in sharing what they learned from reading their biographies,” said Bennewitz. The students’ projects were displayed in the hallway of MCPS. “It’s a great project for our whole school. We get to practice presenting and listening skills and the students coming through get to learn something.,” said Bennewitz. “They’ve become little experts on these different people. It’s great to see them shine.”

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