“Fiddler” comes to Madison

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By Tia Leorchick staff writer

The Madison Community Theater is put on three performances of the classic play, Fiddler on the Roof, last weekend at the Morgan County High School Auditorium for $5 per ticket. Kathleen Bryant, artistic director of the Madison Community Theater, was pleased with the performances.

“It was one of our best performances. The men’s chorus was very strong and our cast as a whole was unified and totally committed to telling the story,” said Bryant. “We had great attendance at all three shows which is attributed, in part, to the work of Deidre Knight and her social media push,” said Bryant. According to Bryant, with a multi-generational cast of 45, this production was an outstanding event. Fiddler on the Roof requires a large cast to put on, so Bryant jumped at the chance to pick this play. “We hadn’t done it and I had the cast to do it,” said Bryant.

The cast included: Tevye Dan Mathews, Golde Heather Matthews Hodel, Jessica Bailey, Perchick, Fulton Pritchett, Tzeitle Emma Adams, Kilee Norman, Motel McKinley, Raines Pagett, Ryan Pagett, Chava Alissa Benkoski, Savannah Williams, Fyedka Wade Lewis, and Yente Lillie Chupp. Behind the scenes help includes: Assistant Director Gina Bryan, Stage Manager Alicia Stephens, Choreographer Katie Anderson, Set Designers Marc Hammes and Lee Williams, and Accompanist and Vocal Coach Jared Register. One audience member gave Bryant high praise for the play.

“The best story from this weekend came from an audience member. She was a Russian Jew about 70-years-old. She said, ‘You consider this musical your work of art, but to me, it is the story of my family.’ That’s a high compliment from a very gracious woman,” said Bryant.

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