Fifth Sunday at Union Springs Baptist Church

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Greetings from The Springs! I mentioned earlier in the month that The Springs would attend the Morgan County Ministers Union Annual Spring Revival which started on Wednesday, March 26th. The speaker was Pastor Tracy B. Wheeler of Greater Springfield Baptist Church in Atlanta, Ga. Rev. Wheeler was the speaker last year, and again, he brought several messages to encourage us in the Lord. The revival was held at Bethlehem Baptist Church in Madison where Rev. Aaron Carter is the shepherd. Rev. W.J. Reid is the president of the Morgan County Ministers Union.

The Couples Ministry went to the Atlanta Auto Show on Saturday afternoon and had a blast. We saw all the latest and greatest new car innovations, but the best part of the trip was our fellowship with one another. We ended the evening with a delicious dinner at Arizona’s Restaurant at Stone Crest Mall. The quarterly outing for the Seniors Ministry was a special dinner at Adrian’s Place. Although I didn’t attend, from hearing the menu selections, I know that all who attended were fed very well! As soon as I find out about their next outing, I will let you know.

The fifth Sunday speaker was Gary Marneze Walker. As you know, each fifth Sunday, a different member of USBC’s ministerial staff delivers the message and he was quite enlightening. His sermon came from Ecclesiastes 3: 1-8 and he talked with us about our turnaround in life. He stated that for us to get to the next level to reach our destiny, we need to make a turnaround.

Many of us are stuck in a certain point in our work, relationships or finances and don’t know which direction in which we should go. When God tells us to move, we are still confused on how to do it. Thankfully, Minister Walker gave us five steps to help us out. First, we need to convince ourselves that making the turnaround is worth it.

We should stop trying to get others to validate us and do it ourselves. Next we are to identify the problems that are holding us back. Ask yourself, what are the issues? Think about it. It’s easy to spot another’s but can we spot ours? Minister Walker went on to say that we need to create solutions and be solution oriented. Again, we can fix others but can we fix ourselves? Once we get the solutions, we must commit to the plan. This is hard to do, but necessary. The final step is to invest in our turnaround. Now, if your first thought is only about money, then you are missing the point.

You can invest your time and effort into your turnaround. God has placed in us our destiny and purpose but we fail to make the investment to reach the goal. Minister Walker summed up his message with this. If you fail to invest in your growth, you will stay in the same place in life. If you can convince yourself that your growth is worth it, watch your life grow! You have the tools; apply them to your life. Do you have more inside you than you are showing others? It’s time for your turnaround! Glory Be To God!

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