First of the summer concerts begins this Saturday

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First of all let me begin by apologizing to Monaray. I forgot to call last week and I’m so sorry. You might just cut my pay! In fact, I’ll let you. It’s a beautiful day but still a little windy. Hopefully spring weather is just around the corner.   We had a sad full week leading up to this week end, a death in the family and I just forgot all else. To a full congregation on Sunday with several visitors Butch took his message from Titus 2: 11-15.   Talked to us about “Three Marvelous Workings of Grace”.

Grace works in the past, present and the future.  Grace redeems us.  Without grace there would be no salvation…you cannot earn or buy it.  It sustains us in the time of need. God’s grace provides glory and thanksgiving.  Ask God to let you be a blessing for Him.  God’s grace reforms us.  Graces teaches us to say no to sin.  Grace rewards us.  Gives us hope.

Grace means He gave up everything so we can have it all. Sunday night the message was taken from Psalm 43: 1-5, the face of oppression. Wonderful things are happening in our church. So many blessings. Our own Little Darlin’ Lilly was saved on Sunday. Lilly is now 11 years old. Most of my readers remember following her life from the very beginning. Thank you Lord. Last Sunday we enjoyed having Tommy Thomason to sing for us.  He thrilled us with several songs he had written.   He is the son-in-law of Bennie Dooley. Then on fourth Sunday night we had soup and sandwiches and of course desserts. A good crowd attended and enjoyed the chicken soup, mulled chicken, potato soup, and beef and vegetable soup. All with cornbread and several different sandwiches.

On Saturday the 22 Eleanor Johnson and Cindy Smith spent time with Betty Walker at the hospital where she is staying with Jane. They took food, cake, etc, and celebrated Betty’s 83rd birthday. Blessings for you Betty.   Ruby and Eddie Stewart plus others have visited Jane recently.  Many of you remember our first cousin, Alfred Buice that lives in Monticello. We have been close family with them always. God called Alfred home last week. You might remember he fell off the roof several years back and broke several bones in his body. He did get over that and walked again. This time it was the lung cancer that finally took this dear 90 year old man home.

I had the honor of playing and singing for his going away party. This was last Monday (the reason I forgot my newspaper writing). Then we enjoyed having his oldest daughter, Linda and Tom Cartmel for a few days with us.  We will surely miss Alfred and we send our love and sympathy to Tom and Bonnie;  Janet and Jim in Tennessee; and Linda and Tom in Florida.   On Wednesday Tom Buice and his son Paul visited us. Little Miss Cadence Bell celebrated her fourth birthday on Sunday with a party atBlue Springs Marina. Her family and friends helped her celebrate.

This coming Saturday night will begin the first of the summer concerts to be at The Gospel Jubilee Music Barn down on Upper Harmony Road at Jan and Alan Oakley’s.   They will have a special recording gospel artist from New Brunswick, Canada.  Ed Lynch I hear is good and sings the true gospel….it all begins at 6p.m.. Looking ahead to first Saturday night in May, The Whitehall Singers, along with the Kitchen Pickers will be the guest groups.

This will go on all summer, first Saturday of the month until November. You might enjoy this good gospel music.  Coming in on Harmony Road from 441 it will be on your right.   You’ll see the barn. Don’t forget our annual chicken barbecue fundraiser  on April 26 at Heritage Park. Get your tickets from any of our members.   We had planned our church dedication for April 13. This has temporarily been put off to finish up some little technical workings. Probably early May will be the new date.

Belated wishes for little Cadence Bell and Rebecca Jenkins on the 27.  Happy birthday to Aleigna Weathers on the 6 and to little Annslee Waddell on the 10.  Also wishes for Cindy Smith the 10. Special wishes for our friend Cy Easters who will celebrate on the 5.  Family matters.

Family are the only people who will tell you when you are getting off the tracks a little.  Surround yourself with people who love the Lord, love themselves and love you, and you can’t really fail. I love my family and so looking forward to Easter when most of them will be with me.  So until next week may the Lord bless you real good.

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