Remember “Old Buckhead Days” this Saturday, April 5th

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What a difference a day makes!  It is an absolutely gorgeous spring day today on this last day of March; I hope all the bad weather blew away with that cold wind we had over the weekend.  I find it very hard to stay inside and work on this column with a yard that needs mowing and a gazillion other outside chores that need doing, but the weathermen say we are going to have several of these days, so maybe some of these chores will get done.

I would advise anyone that normally comes down Baldwin Dairy Road to avoid it at all costs!!  The county has used their machines to completely tear up all the asphalt and take our road down to the dirt, grind it up and put it back down with gravel in preparation for paving,

In essence, we have a dirt road; it is my understanding that they are going to tear up the entire stretch of road before even beginning to pave.  It would surely be better if it was done in sections, but, I don’t guess it is to be.  We are going to have a dirt road for a long time it seems.  All that interstate traffic and semi-trucks worked a big number on this road and now we are having to pay for it.  All of us need to be on the lookout for suspicious vehicles and persons.

Sarah Nell and Steve Craig had the bad misfortune of having their home broken into on this last Friday afternoon and several items were taken.  There has been a white van with ladder racks on the top that has been seen in the Swords area that people have seen that seemed as if homes were being spied on, the men have binoculars and are looking things over.   If these same people would spend as much time looking and working at a job as they do trying to get by without one and steal from innocent people, the world would be a better place.  But these kind we will always have with us, I am afraid.

Just be alert! We have several in our community that need out prayers.   Lynn Hanson is now at home receiving physical therapy after undergoing total knee replacement on last Thursday.  Riley Huff is now at home after suffering a heart attack last week at the age of 34.   He received a stint and is now doing well.  Terrell Jackson on Pierce Dairy Road is also at home but under the care of hospice.  Ann Tumlin Smith has found out that she now has pancreatic cancer in addition to cancer in her liver.  Please pray for Ann.  Garvin Prickett, formerly of Buckhead, and a resident of The Lake Oconee House, had to be taken to the hospital on Monday morning.

Garvin had spent the winter in Louisiana with his sister, but had returned here a few weeks ago.  His sister had stayed a few days here, also, and had even helped out with cooking there.  We pray for all these they may soon enjoy good health again.  We want to extend our sympathy to the family of Chuck Terry of Bostwick as he passed away early Monday morning after a long hard battle from cancer.  Chuck was married to my classmate, Shirley Anne O’Neal.

Our thoughts and prayers are with her and the family during this time.  Tommy Stanton of Rutledge visited Frances Brewer this past week and of course her son, James Melvin and Inez Brewer are in and out several times.  The meeting at Antioch Baptist Church on Thursday night was very uplifting and inspirational as we all heard the testimony of two Iranian young ladies tell of their coming to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and what all that entailed with their struggles there in Iran and then of their eventual capture and imprisonment in that country.

Their story of how God protected and intervened for them during this time and what all they saw and had to endure was quite humbling to be sure.  After being released from prison, they were banned from that country and that is how they came to be here in America.  They have written a book about their experiences, Captive in Iran.  Our own, Esther Curry, had heard these girls speak before and was very instrumental in having them come to Antioch.  A fundraiser is going to be held on Saturday, April 12th to benefit J. J. Wilson of the lower Morgan County community.  J. J. has been having some knee problems and is going to have some arthroscopic surgery in order to help him.  The fundraiser is going to be held in the former Tom Franklin club building; the long cement block building right at the Morgan-Putnam Co. line.  They will have grilled chicken, hamburgers, hotdogs, chips, drink, and homemade cake for a donation.  Serving time will be from 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM.

So come out and have a good lunch and help a brother in need.  Raegan Wilkins competed at the Level 7 state gymnastics finals this past Sunday morning in Marietta.  She placed very well and with the placings in her other meets this year has qualified to participate in the Southeast Regional meet later this month in North Carolina.  There is just one other girl with Raegan on her team that also made regionals.    We wish them the best!  Maggie Harper spent the weekend here with us while her sister, Karalyn Clifton, participated in a swim meet at the Ramsey Center in Athens with her other teammates on the Morgan County Marlins Swim team.  She also placed very well and still continues to improve her personal best times in all of her events.  Congratulations, Kara!!  Gracin Wilkins has the lead role in an upcoming production of the Oconee Youth Playhouse this coming weekend, April 3, 4, and 5.  It is “Dear Edwina,” and Gacin will be Edwina.  This is a play of a little girl who gives advice to her friends.  It will be this coming Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night at 7 p.m. at the Oconee County Civic Center.

Tickets will be available at the door and will be $16 for adults;  $14 for Students/ Senior Adults (over 65); and children 12 and under will be $12.  These are always top-notch productions.  Gracin will be a star, I know! Right here in Madison this past weekend, there was a top-notch production also with the Madison Community Theater  putting on “Fiddler on the Roof.”  Sandra and Jerry Brown’s grandson, Wade Lewis, had a star role and did a fantastic job.

Alicia Stephens also had a big part in the production as Kathleen Bryant’s assistant in putting on this major production and doing her magic backstage.  Marlee Malcom and Will Porter both attended the Gatewood Junior-Senior Prom this past weekend which was held at Crooked Pines Plantation in the Godfrey community.  Sweet Kneads of Lake Oconee catered the event.  Will’s daddy, Chip, along with his grandmother, Sue Hodges, and his aunt, Jennifer Moss, as well as some of Marlee’s family all attended the “walk-out” a prom tradition at Gatewood.  Ben Porter was honored this past Friday night at The Dinner of Champions Event sponsored by Georgia Farm Bureau, that was held in Macon.  Ben was honored for his breeder ewe being named Supreme Grand Champion Breeder Ewe just a few weeks ago down at the Georgia Fair in Perry.  Ben received a beautiful belt buckle as well as a $1000 check.

Zippy Duvall from Greshamville, who is the president of our state Georgia Farm Bureau was master of ceremonies for this event, which made it even more special.  Zippy grew up with all of the Cronic cousins and he knew Ben’s granddaddy and daddy well.  Shannon and her father and step-mother, Buddy and Susan Adams attended the dinner with Ben.  The Porter family had to “divide and conquer” this weekend!  Immediately following the dinner, Ben, and his mother, Shannon, and a family friend, Ingrid Kelley, set out and drove all night to Richmond, Indiana to deliver Ben’s ewes to a breeder and also for Ben to show sheep for this breeder at a sale.  Ben has been attending this sale and show for the past five years.

They drove 1200 miles in 28 hours!  That is dedication and love!  Now let the spring break begin!!  Jeri, Chuck, and Charles Smith of West Point were weekend visitors of Jack and Joann Cathey this past weekend.  Tommy and Raynor Cathey took a trip to Charleston, SC., during this past week.  Christopher and Colton Morgan  celebrated their March birthday’s this past Sunday with a birthday party at their home.  Christopher turned 8 and Colton turned 6; they are growing up!

John and Sally Hensley, Matt Hensley, the Chad Roling’s, Edith Roling and Roberta Garcia, Pam and Sam Morgan, Wesley and Trey Morgan and Kenny and Dustin Morgan were all on hand to wish the boys Happy Birthday and to enjoy cake and ice cream.  Everyone also got a sneak preview of the boys birthday present, a tree-house, that their daddy, Ryan, is building for them.  It will be something and those boys will really have a good time playing in it!  Sadie Carver with Jake and Mary Elizabeth spent this past Monday with their parents, Dan and Sally Porter, on Porter Road.

They got to see the new baby chicks that just arrived in the chicken houses and got to play with their cousin, Madeline, after school.  Alaina Maddox and James Warbington were honored with a barbeque for family and friends  on this past Saturday evening in Vienna.  Several of the Maddox family traveled down to Vienna for the get-together.   James is the grandson of Drucilla Malcom of Bostwick.   Alaina and James are planning a June wedding here in Madison and will then live in Vienna.  We offer congratulations and best wishes to them!

On Saturday evening Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Gilbert, Bobby and Emily Brewer, the Don Gilbert’s of Baxley,  and the Patrick Cooks all attended the lovely wedding of Ward Gilbert and Amanda Farley.  Ward is the son of Dr. Ray Gilbert and Jennie Gilbert and the grandson of Raymond and Joan Gilbert.  The wedding was held in the lovely Governor Hardman House in Commerce.  After the wedding a lovely reception was held in this beautifully restored estate following the ceremony.  On Friday night, the Gilbert family entertained at a barbecue honoring the couple, members of the wedding party and other family members.  All of the festivities were greatly enjoyed by a host of family and friends.

We offer our congratulations to the happy couple!  Marty and Connie Wilson spent the weekend in Statesboro where they were on hand for their grandson, Harrison Thigpen’s, birthday.  Happy Birthday, Harrison!  Jack and Karen Lindsey enjoyed spending a long weekend up at Pigeon Forge, Tenn. this past weekend.  There was still snow on the ground in the shady places!  Remember Old Buckhead Days this Saturday, April 5.  Parade is at 10a.m. with all the festivities to follow at the park.

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