Running with the Rooster

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Edward Jones! Morgan Stanley! Wall Street! Take cover! Momma’s a bonafied wealth management consultant! What the? I’m talkin’ she’s one of them high frequency traders, spikin’ the Red Bull with the White Lightenin’! Every nanosecond adds up to vast returns! We’re gonna get Rich, Rich, RICH, Fast, Fast, Fast! The only problem is her dadblasted partner! None other than that rowdy Rutledge Rooster Foghorn Leghorn! “Who’s respons, I say, who’s responsible for this unwarranted attack on my person? Biz Buzz . . . you’re cold, I say, cold as a nudist on an iceberg.”

Momma! It’s me or Foghorn Leghorn. SLAP! CRASH! Ding dang! Momma’s done slapped me all the way to Main Street in Downtown Madison. Under the bus. Tourism bus that is! That’s right y’all! The Georgia Zoo & Safari Park in Morgan County just got one step closer to reality with its approval from the planning commission! This park is projected to bring 800,000+ visitors to Morgan County by year five! Lake Oconee Living Magazine will feature a nine-page spread on this fab tourism destination! The Spring issue is out this Friday! Y’all come on by the Morgan County Citizen/Lake Oconee Living office on Second Street in front of the beautiful Brady Inn and pick up your copy!

Hey and we’ll give away five free copies for the best Foghorn Leghorn quotes posted on the Morgan County Citizen’s FaceBook page on Thursday! These are gonna go fast! Winners will also become famous in the Biz Buzz column next week! Steak. It’s what’s for dinner! Morgan County steak that is! Momma’s so excited she’s dancin’ in high cotton ‘cause Madison Produce Co., located at 132 East Washington St., in downtown Madison, is fixin’ to start sellin’ home grown, natural beef from Verner Farms in Rutledge! Trust me! There’s a difference between regular store-bought beef and natural Morgan County beef! It’s flat delicious! Anyhow, Madison Produce owner Andy Oller says he’s gonna be sellin’ it this week! Love it! Y’all head over there, pick up some great Verner beef and fresh veggies! Rinnnng. Ring. Yes this is Biz Buzz. Hi Jamie! What’s up? Whaaat?

Oh. My. Gosh! Ok I promise I won’t tell a ding dang soul! Shhhhhhh! Ok y’all! You flat didn’t hear this from me! Madisonians Jamie Williams and Christy Friesen are flat gonna open a brand spankin’ new business in downtown Madison on Hancock Street across from the Morgan County offices! Y’all know! Where Le Petite used to be located. I’m going over there to get the scoop! Ding dang! These fab, savvy business women flat won’t tell me nothin’! All they’ll tell me is that they’re gonna open up a café and gift shop! These are two tough cookies! Anyhow y’all keep watchin’ this the Biz Buzz for updates on this excitin’ development! Y’all get out your calendars!

The 12th annual Madison Chamber Music Festival has begun! Call the Madison-Morgan Cultural Center at 706-342-4743. This Friday, April 4! It’s Gazebo Grooves Brown Bag Concert at Town Park from noon til 1 p.m.! Get your picnic ready y’all! I’ll see you there! Wait! There’s more! Country Road Cruisers Spring Cruise-In downtown Madison Friday, April 4 at Town Park beginnin’ at 5:30! Hey and y’all get ready for the Annual Rutledge Spring Yard Sale on April 12 in downtown Rutledge!

Yikes! I have flat gotta head over to Amelia’s to pick up my Tommy Bahama dress and my new spring scarf! But, y’all don’t cry ‘cause . . . now sing it with me: You’re all invited back next week to this locality . . . to have a heapin helpin’ of Citizen hospitality. Biz Buzz that is. Set a while. Take your shoes off. Y’all come back now, ya hear?

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