Brownwood News:Sunday morning attendance was good

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Margie Ward, columnist

Sunday morning attendance was good, visitors were present. We can sure count on them week after week, which is a good thing they add so much to our service by their presence.

We pray God will bless them day by day with His many blessings. The call to worship was, “He has made me Glad.” Vernon Mullins was deacon of the week and he gave the welcome, announcements, read Psalm 100 and had Morning Prayer.

The choir’s special was, “There is coming a great Day.” Our guest speaker was Rev. Steve Parr from Georgia Baptist Convention bringing the message, “A Compelling Church,” using scripture from Luke 14: 15-24. It doesn’t have to be a large congregation for God to use.

Small or large is a place of invitation, God has no limit on resources, and the world is invited to the marriage supper. Jesus’ bride is the body of Christ, which is the church. Christians everywhere are to invite others to come to Christ, come to revivals, Sunday school, VBS.

We never know when we invite someone to come how it may help them learn about Jesus and have a relationship with him. The Bible never commands lost people to come to church, the Bible tells the church to go to them, the lost people. Is the Christ we worship worth us inviting others to come to learn about Him? God doesn’t save someone just to go to heaven, He saves people where they can witness, serve, minister to others, do service for Him as missionaries, win lost for Him.

Christ is worth worship. Do you have a story worth telling? Will you be at the marriage supper? Sunday night at 6 p.m. good attendance present. Bro. Ron brought message on Ephesians. On Saturday we had a beautiful day for the Brownwood Easter Egg Hunt resurrection story and picnic. Around 60 were in attendance, everyone had a fun time.

We thank God for all that worked getting it all together, all donations were appreciated and for all the help we had with cleanup and again the beautiful weather.

Next Saturday, April 12 the men will have a work day at Brownwood. I think I heard 7 a.m. for the beginning time. 770-860-9098 for details Next Saturday morning, April 12 the Women’s Ministry will meet at the Brownwood Community Building at 10 a.m. Please bring brunch or munch food.Brownwood Revival will begin April 27 on Sunday morning with Rev. Hoyt Johnson preaching at 11 a.m. and Sunday night at 6 p.m. More details to come about Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights. Mark your calendars.

Ann Harrison spent Friday night with Janice Cronic in Social Circle. Brenda McAdams attended a wedding shower for Ellie Samuels Saturday, April 5. Kittie Mayfield went to visitation for Patsy Adams Sunday afternoon.

Sarah and James Folsom of Cincinnati, Ohio visited her parents, Sonny, Mary, Rebekah, Rachel, and Zach Wood over the weekend.

Saturday night Margie Ward, Julie and Billy Phillips joined them for supper at the Woods’ residence. Sunday afternoon, Elaine McClure, Janice Jenkins, Brenda McAdams and Margie Ward attended the visitation and funeral of Patsy Adams. At A. E. Carter Funeral Home.

Our Christian sympathy goes out to her family during this time. To know Patsy was to love her. We know her family will look to God for their courage, hope, love and strength for the days ahead.

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