Chief Robert Nash Allwine Retires from MCHS

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Special to the Citizen

With freedom comes responsibility.  There is no greater responsibility than putting on a U.S. military uniform and serving your country to guard our freedoms.  It all started in 1968.  After Basic Military Training, Nash Allwine became a missile system technician and was first stationed in Florida, the Philippines, Taiwan, and New Mexico before becoming a missile instructor in 1972.  He earned Air Training Command’s “Instructor of the Year” that year and rose to his appointment as a Quality Control Inspector and Master Field Training Instructor in Iceland, Virginia, and Germany between 1973 and 1980.  He then became a Professional Military Education (PME) instructor at the U.S. Air Forces in Europe (USAFE) Noncommissioned Officer (NCO) Academy in Germany and later as Director of Curriculum at the Tactical Air Command NCO Academy in Florida.  In fact, he won “Instructor of the Year” awards at both locations in 1981 and 1984.  Progressing in rank and responsibility, he became Commandant of the PME Center at George AFB, California in 1985 and won “PME Manager of the Year” twice in 1986 and 1988.  With teaching and instructing in his blood, Senior Master Sergeant Allwine reached the highest enlisted rank of Chief Master Sergeant on March 1, 1992, while serving as the Director of the PME Support Center at Maxwell AFB, Alabama.  Leaving Alabama in June of 1995, Chief Allwine became Command Chief for the 17th Training Wing at Goodfellow AFB, Texas in November of 1996.  This means he was the highest enlisted Airman at the base, working directly for the Wing Commander. After serving in 16 positions at 14 Air Force bases worldwide, Chief Allwine retired from the Air Force, exactly 30 years and four days later.  In that time, he saw multiple uniform changes ranging from the khaki service uniforms nicknamed “Shade 1505s”, to the dark green fatigues, to the dark blue “Shade 1550” era, and on to the drastic, yet short-lived uniform changes of the early 1990s era.  In fact, the missile technicians of the late 1960s wore the “whites”, which were white overalls required to be worn because of the clean environment of the missile shop.  Today, Chief Allwine proudly wears the Command Chief rank sewn onto his sleeves–never slid onto the shoulder boards–as any good Senior NCO would. Once retired, Chief Allwine continued to wear the Air Force uniform as he started teaching as an Aerospace Science Instructor for Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (or AFJROTC).  His first job was at Greene County High School in Greensboro.  While there, he molded young minds of the GA-939 Tiger Group, “developing citizens of character dedicated to serving their nation and community with patriotism”–which is the Air Force JROTC mission. In 2005, Chief transferred to Morgan County High School in Madison and helped Colonel Earl Donnell with the GA-945 Bulldog Group.  In the 16 years of training ninth thru 12th grade cadets, Chief Allwine has sized over 1500 cadets in the correct wear of the Air Force uniform.  Today, those cadets are scattered all over Greene and Morgan Counties, the state of Georgia, and the world.  Hopefully, each carries a little piece of Chief Allwine.  It could be remembrance of Chief’s instruction of JROTC material.  Or, it could be how he maintains his personal and professional integrity.  Or, it could be the way Chief proudly wore the uniform of our great Air Force. Come the end of May, “Chief” Allwine will retire from teaching.  I’m told he intends to play a lot of golf!  Whatever he chooses to do, I know he’ll do it with the same style and rigor as he did wearing the Air Force uniform.

Robert Nash Allwine put on the U.S. Air Force uniform for the first time on September 26, 1968.  In May, he will retire, having worn the Air Force uniform for almost 46 years. Photo Special

Robert Nash Allwine put on the U.S. Air Force uniform for the first time on September 26, 1968.  In May, he will retire, having worn the Air Force uniform for almost 46 years. Photo Special

The Cadets of AFJROTC GA-945 Bulldog Group would like to send Chief off “into the wild blue yonder” of retirement with a dinner in his honor on Saturday, the 3rd of May.  All past and present Cadets of either Greene or Morgan County High Schools, staff and faculty of either school, as well as family and friends are invited to attend.  The meal will be catered by “Ricardo’s Kouzzina” in Madison.  The cost is $15 per person.  The event starts at 6p.m. with dinner and presentations to Chief Allwine. If you would like to attend, please contact Morgan County High School or the AFJROTC office at 706-752-4864 to RSVP by 15 April.  Please send payment to MCHS at 1231 College Drive, Madison, GA 30650.  Please join us as we honor Chief Allwine and his family.  Thank you, Chief Allwine, for 46 years of service to our great country, as well as to the youth of Georgia.

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