MJ Webb earns football scholarship offer from UGA

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By Nick Nunn staff writer

Last Saturday, during an unofficial visit to the University of Georgia (UGA), Morgan County High School (MCHS) freshman MJ Webb received an offer of a football scholarship from UGA football coach Mark Richt.

Webb, who stands six foot, five inches and weighs approximately 250 pounds at the age of 15, played on both sides of the ball for the MCHS Bulldogs during their 2013 season, and, before last year, he was an integral part of the Morgan County Middle School’s football team.

MCHS Head Football Coach Bill Malone said that the offer was certainly a surprise but said that he knew that Webb would be getting his share of offers sooner or later.

“It’s really big for MJ,” said Coach Malone, referring to UGA’s offer. “This goes out to a lot of different places. It will do nothing but great things for him.”

Last August, Malone was already commenting on Webb’s sheer size and force on the field.

“[Webb] has the potential to not be able to practice with us when he is a senior,” said Malone last August. “He could be so good and so dominating that, if he does what he is supposed to, and, right now, he is doing what he is supposed to, he could be another Jadeveon Clowney.”

Coach Malone commented on the “rarity” of having an athlete receive an offer so early in his high school career.

Malone said the early attention from UGA would draw additional attention to Webb in the coming years and will also “put Morgan County on the football map.”

MJ Webb in action against Greene County during his eighth-grade year.

MJ Webb in action against Greene County during his eighth-grade year.

Congratulations to MJ on his recognition from UGA and best of luck in the coming years as he continues his football career.

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