Ryan’s budget for the poor

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To the Editor:

Republican voters are decent warmhearted Americans.

Why does Paul Ryan propose a GOP budget that is utterly mean spirited and damaging to our economy?

He will increase defense spending by $493 billion while Obama will retain spending levels at more than the next 10 countries combined.

Obama will equalize corporate taxes to match international levels and cut special breaks Ryan intends 15 percent cut for the rich and a $2000 tax increase for families.

Ryan will cut $791 billion from roads and bridges, medical research, nutrition and housing reducing essential investment to create jobs and maintain our world leadership in prosperity.

President Obama has already made the $700 million cuts to Medicare that Ryan trumpets as his.

Medicaid and food stamps would be reduced to block grants to cash strapped states. Good luck if you need to depend on these.

Run over your allowance and you starve or die. Ryan will repeal the health care law and deny coverage to one million currently protected, and allow insurers to again charge what they want. The health care law is working: no lifetime limits, no pre-existing conditions. You get care.

Ryan believes this will cut the $17 trillion deficit ($12 trillion of which the GOP created under George Bush) and create historically never known growth to a surplus of $5 billion in the next 10 years.

Combining wild optimism with faulty arithmetic and a mean spirit does not argue well for the cause of a long respected party.

Donald Kerr Hand-delivered

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