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Rachel Harper, columnist

Well, we are having a right chilly cold spell and the rain is really pouring down on this Monday morning.  It’s not blackberry winter yet; they haven’t even bloomed.  At least this rain will soak in all the fertilizer and chicken manure the farmers have put out.

Hay season is right around the corner! Maybe the rain will quiet down the dust on our poor, pitiful road here on Baldwin Dairy.  As one of our neighbor’s said, “We are stepping back in time!”  They only got a small strip paved last week and then some equipment at the asphalt plant broke down, so that put a stop to that.

One good thing about our road being in this shape is that it has really cut down on our traffic and what traffic we do have, is for the most part, creeping along; when we do meet someone we both wave at each other and nod our heads in an act of sympathy as we poke along and try to see from all the dust flying up as in before, everyone was just cruising along at a right good speed and we really didn’t know who we were meeting.  I have heard people say when they are on I-20 and going by Baldwin Dairy that when they look our way, all they can see is a big cloud of dust.   They certainly can’t work today in this weather. Oh well; don’t worry, I will keep you posted! I have learned some big news….the Farmer’s Market complex you have read about in the paper is going to be right in our Fairview community.  It will be located on the Biddy property which is about a quarter of a mile below where Fox Hollow was and right across from the Source of Light Ministries.

Keith Kelley and his son, I believe, are going to develop this.  Mr. John Biddy is going to move his house that he lives in down close to the Country Boys RV Park, formerly known as KOA.  That, along with the Zoo, they are going to build on the Monticello Hwy. is going to be something for Morgan County.

I also read where they are going to build a restaurant along with the Farmer’s Market, which, will be nice.  They are building a Dairy Queen right next to Zaxby’s, but, seriously, people… many different ways can you eat a hamburger and chicken??!

We need something different on “Hamburger Alley” as I have heard it called. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the young men’s families that were involved in that terrible accident on Pierce Dairy Road on Sunday evening.  One young person, Keith Arnold, lost his life, and Jonathan Bone had to have surgery for a broken hip and ankle on Sunday night for injuries sustained in the wreck.  Jonathan is Jimmy Bone’s sister-in-law, Nancy Bone’s, grandson.

On Sunday morning, Hayden Roling, son of Chad and Holly Roling was baptized at Buckhead Baptist Church.  John and Sally Hensley, Ryan and Rebecca Morgan with Christopher, Colton, and GeorgiaAnn and grandparents from Holly’s side were on hand to see Hayden take this step of faith in his young life.

We were so glad to hear that Cathy Lankford is now home at the home of her mother.

Darrell said that since he has to work, she is staying there since she doesn’t need to be left by herself just yet.  We are also glad to hear that Garvin Prickett of Buckhead is also back at The Lake Oconee House after a short stay at the hospital.  His sister from Louisiana has also been back here looking after him. We are certainly thankful for these answered prayers. We are sending out get-well prayers for Johnny Jordan as he had knee-replacement surgery this past week.

Old Buckhead Days was a big success and everyone enjoyed participating in the 5K race, watching the parade, and the other festivities going on.

Zach Massey was the overall winner with a really good time of 18:57.  I learned that the 5K is equivalent to 3.1 miles.  Raegan Wilkins came in first in her age group in the race and several others from this area also participated and did really well.  It is a rough race… really hilly.

Everyone remember the fundraiser this coming Saturday, April 12th to benefit J.J. Wilson, who is needing knee surgery.  Serving times are from 11a.m.- 2p.m. down at the Morgan-Putnam County line at the big cement block building right on Hwy. 441.  They will have grilled chicken, hamburgers, hotdogs, chips, drinks, and  desserts, for a donation.

Around 30 ladies and young ladies enjoyed the ladies get-together at Bethany on Saturday.

The lunch was delicious and Ruth Ann, the pastor’s wife, had planned a wonderful program which tied in butterflies with the new life that plants and animals get at springtime, but most of all, the new life that we as Christian’s receive when we ask Jesus into our hearts.  The children even sang a special for us, “This is the Day that the Lord has Made” that was very good!  It was a very enjoyable time!

We want to wish some special little girls and a little boy in our community a very Happy Birthday!

Emmie Maddox, daughter of Sallie and Davis Maddox, turned three last week and celebrated on Saturday with a Princess birthday party; Chloe Cook, daughter of Patrick and Deann Cook, also had her  birthday last week and celebrated with a party at the Aquatics center with her friends. She will turn five on April 15. Brooks Bonner, son of Molly and Dallas Bonner, also turned three years old recently and he celebrated his birthday with a party at Chuck-E-Cheese.  Everyone had a ball!  Happy Birthday, all you little ones!  Scott Porter is due to return home this rainy Monday from spending several weeks in Switzerland with Katja Sieger and her family.  Betty Edwards, ,Becky and George Haley, and James Melvin and Inez Brewer have all been visitors of Frances Brewer this past week at The Lake Oconee House. Blanche and Jake Wilson enjoyed having their family for Sunday dinner this past Sunday as an early celebration of 63 years of marriage.  Happy Anniversary, Mama and Daddy! Joanie Bruce has just had her second book published which is titled, “A Memory Worth Dying For.”  She will have a book signing on this coming Saturday, April 12th, from 2-4p.m. at Belmont Baptist Church in Conyers to start things off.  She will also have her first book there if someone has not already purchased it.  Congratulations, Joanie, on this big accomplishment! The Fairview Club members need to also remember their upcoming monthly meeting to be held on Wednesday, April 16th, at 2p.m. at the home of Esther Curry.

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