Volunteers to the rescue

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To the Editor:

A vibrant and satisfying Thank You Party was hosted jointly last week for major donors to the Boys & Girls Club of Madison-Morgan County and Children Ferst Foundation of Morgan County. Thanks are due to so many who made this event a memorable occasion. We thank Karen and Gene Massey and Vickie Hunt who were kind enough to offer their lovely neighboring loft homes to host the affair. Guests enjoyed strolling from loft to loft enjoying the sumptuous array of food provided by volunteers and local food establishments. Sincere thanks are overdue to our local restaurants who are constantly asked to donate and do so with grace and incredible generosity time after time! We extend rousing thanks to: Dave and Sara at Amici, Ed and Molly at The Caboose, Faye and Eddie at Madison Chop House Grille, Jolene and Stephanie at Perk Avenue, Ricardo at Ricardo’s Kouzinna and Kris at Yesterday Café for providing abundant and delicious appetizers and sweets. We also thank Chef Francisco for a Gift Card from Town 220 and Manager Chip at Ingles for a huge Deli Tray! We are especially grateful to Ginger Beverly, Terry Breedlove, Linda Conrads, Penny Foote, and Amy Zygler for making these donations possible. Restaurant fare was complimented by the beautiful and flavorful hors d’oeuvres and desserts prepared by our tireless volunteers Elizabeth Branch, Anne-Marie Carlson, Janet Ferrill, Ginny Parker, Catherine Simmons, Linda Sky, Pat Stokes, Gloria Stuhlmiller, and Nancy Vaughan. No guest left hungry, and, thanks to Bill Abbott, Miriam Baker, and Hiram Johnston no one left thirsty either! We welcomed Ferst Foundation President Betsy Wagenhauser, local Boys & Girls Club Director Gari Quiroz, Area CEO Steve Rice, Area Finance Director Melanie Unchaun. The evening was highlighted when Morgan County School Assistant Superintendent Sarah Burbach, Elementary School Principal Ty Snyder and former Superintendents Drs. Stan DeJarnett and Pat Stokes joined us. The evening’s donor awards were orchestrated by Charles Baldwin, Andy Chase, Mike Conrads, Christopher Jones, Wayne Myers and Linda Sky. In closing, we extend heart-felt thanks to all who donate to the Boys and Girls Club of Madison-Morgan County and the Children Ferst Foundation of Morgan County! Because of you, these organizations continue to thrive and to benefit our county’s children — from birth through high school! So, it is to each of you that we owe a profound debt of gratitude!

With Appreciation,

Babs Kalvelage Johnston, board member; Children Ferst Foundation of Morgan County, Boys & Girls Club of Madison-Morgan County

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