Art program gearing up for summer classes

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By: Tia Lynn Lecorchick staff writer

Lindy Burnett of Morgan County is gearing up for the summer portion of her art program called Camp Colorwheel Art Academy, which she runs out of her property just seven miles outside of Madison. Burnett currently works with over 70 children, from third grade up, who attend classes and events at her farm. “The idea is to have kids be a part of the studio, see my projects as they progress, meet other artists who are visiting, and get into the thick of my career as an illustrator.” said Burnett, who was the head of the illustration department at Portfolio Center in Atlanta for six years. “I often think, if I could have done that as a kid, I’d have been quite blown away, as a fledgling drawer and painter.”

Burnett offers classes every weekday, starting at 4 p.m. and charges $150 for nine weeks of classes. Parents can pay in installments or all at once. “The cost is so fair,” said Burnett. Burnett is inspired by the local community and wants to invest in the children of Morgan County. “I believe so much in Morgan County and I am inspired every day that I live here, by its pastoral beauty and vibrant and independent thinking people, so I really decided I wanted to start my own academy,” said Burnett.

“The name aptly implies that we teach art, on the front end, in a classic style, with drawing at the core, from which makes a better painter, sculptor, potter and even person.” “Even more importantly, our mission is to ultimately make these kids into creative thinkers,” said Burnett. That is at the white hot center of what we do.

Creative thinkers become leaders. Creative thinkers live fuller lives and are far more needed and powerful in any work force.” To enroll a child in Camp Colorwheel Art Academy, parents can reach Burnett at (404) 285-2806 or by e-mail at “We fill up quickly every year. It’s not expensive and [we’re] well known state-wide!” said Burnett.

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