City of Madison receives $250,000 DOT road grant

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By Nick Nunn staff writer

The Madison City Council voted unanimously to move forwards with a construction agreement between the Georgia Department of Transportation (DOT) and the city of Madison. The construction agreement states that the DOT will expend a maximum amount of $225,000 in federal funds for the “off-system city-wide installation of safety elements” in the city of Madison. Madison City Manager David Nunn stated that the DOT approached Madison with the offer without the city knowing it was eligible for the construction agreement.

“I don’t honestly know how we were picked,” said Nunn during the Madison City Council meeting on April 14. The general work that will be undertaken as part of the project, as stated in the agreement’s work plan, includes the “placement of thermoplastic roadway striping… thermoplastic roadway markings, railroad/roadway crossing improvements, and various signing on off-system streets city-wide in City of Madison.” The agreement also states that a 730-day time frame for completing the process once a written notice to proceed in received by the DOT from the city. Madison will also have to submit monthly progress reports to the DOT.

City Attorney Joe Reitman said that there were minor elements of the contract that he would like to go over but that the “intent is clear” from the written document. Nunn said that a DOT representative would be coming to Madison on Friday to finalize the contract. The council also approved a memorandum of agreement between the city of Madison and the DOT concerning a $40,000 gateway grant for the enhancement of the intersection of State Route 24 and Highway 441. Planning Director Monica Callahan said that this is the first time that an offer of a memorandum of understanding has been requested after the work had been completed, but that the memorandum must be in place before the city receives a $40,000 reimbursement for the $47,500 project.

The city approved of a resolution to transmit the annual update of the city’s Capital Improvements Element of the comprehensive plan, which shows the growth of infrastructure in Madison. Callahan said that the update will be sent to the regional commission before being returned to the city for final approval.

The city also approved of a resolution to transmit the Short Term Work Program (STWP) annual update to the regional commission. The update listed 29 (STWP) projects that were completed in the past year, including the acquisition of Town Park by the DDA, the repurposing of properties on West Washington, North Second and College Streets by the DDA, the drafting of a proposal for the use of the Transfer of Development Rights program, the upgrading of the low pressure natural gas distribution system within the city, and the improvement of stormwater conditions in one low to moderate income neighborhood.

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