Goosebumps crew creates digital map of Madison

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By Tia Lynn Lecorchick Staff Writer

A small crew, from the visual effects department working with Sony Pictures for the major motion film Goosebumps, spent three days in downtown Madison last week surveying the town in preparation of filming that is set to take place over the summer. The team of six was collecting visual data to create a CGI background of downtown Madison for the movie.

According to Sam Nunez, a data rangler for Sony Pictures, the crew gathered some basic and detailed surveys of Madison this week. Nunez used a machine called a theodolite, which is precision instrument for measuring angles in the horizontal and vertical planes, to collect points in three-dimensional space, to complete his part of the survey for the film.

“This process is to create a simple model of the streets and buildings. Right now, I am just getting the basic outline of the buildings, awnings, corners, and street lines,” explained Nunez. Nunez could not comment on Sony’s exact filming plans for downtown Madison, but said filming will probably begin in five or six weeks.

According to David Nunn, city manager for Madison, the filming of Goosebumps will have postive effects for the city. “I think it gives us good exposure whenever Madison is used for TV or movies. Everyone loves our town, the way we’ve preserved the buildings, and the look we have here,” said Nunn. “Because of the large crews that come to town during filming, they will be using a lot of our hotel rooms and eating in our restaurants.

It will definitely have a positive economic impact for Madison.” According to Nunn, the majority of filming will be done at night and will begin sometime in May. The Madison Welcome Center will temporarily close down during filming, and relocate to the Town Park Cottage. “Any cost associated with the project will be bore by the production company,” said Nunn. The welcome center will move down to Town park, the schedule is tentative. It’s moving to Town Park cottage, at least few weeks. Any road closures for filming have been coordinated through the Madison police department, said Nunn. “We will minimize any inconvenience that we can,” said Nunn.

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