Happy Easter & be sure to shop local for Easter goodies

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Momma is that you! Say somethin’! Stop starrin’ at me all mean like! Gosh Almighty! That’s the scariest ding dang Easter Bunny costume EVER IN CREATION! I’m talkin’ that long-eared, red-eyed face will flat stop a clock! And, what in the Sam Hill do you mean smokin’ one of PawPaw’s cigars! You look a sight! You sure ain’t gonna work no Easter Egg Hunt lookin’ like that! Now hop skippity jump smack outta hear before I choke!

And, don’t come back until . . . WHOOOOA! Y’all! Momma just drove up in her big ole red truck! Get out the smellin’ salts! That beady-eyed bunny wasn’t a dang suit! Wait! He left a callin’ card: Harvey! He’s flat real and is headin’ over to In High Cotton in downtown Madison! Wake me when it’s over! That’s right y’all! In High Cotton located at 158 West Jefferson St., in Madison has got a fantastic collection of bunnies if there ever was one! Plus they’ve got some really cute egg tea lights and little bunny, kitten and bear slippers for that little Easter Basket! Y’all be sure to shop local this year for Easter!

Chris Cook of Madison Studios is one happy bunny this week! Madison Studios was awarded three “best of the best” websites in interactive media production at the 12th Annual Horizon Interactive Awards Competition. Chris took home the gold in the Travel & Tourism segment, winning for websites created for The James Madison Inn, The Lodge on Lake Oconee and The Antebellum Inn in Milledgeville. Congrats Madison Studios!

Oh. My. Ever. Livin’. Gosh! Petey the Poddle must have a squirrel ridin’ on his back! He’s just a barkin’ and prancin’ all over the Citizen office! What is it Petey? Now slow down so I can translate for our fine readers! Got it! Ok so Petey wants me to tell all y’all that Main Street Vet is flat gettin’ a new vet to work along side Dr. James Williams! That’s right! Dr. Ester Williams, a graduate of the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine, will begin seeing patients in mid May! The really cool part is that she worked with Dr. James years ago at a practice in Eatonton! Ok so anyhow, the addition to Main Street Vet means shorter wait times for patients plus they’ll start takin’ walk-ins!

I love it! Ok ladies! The Madison-Morgan Chamber of Commerce is hostin’ a Women In Business luncheon Wednesday, April 30 at noon at The Caboose in downtown Madison! The guest speaker will be none other than Beth Pearson of United Bank who’s gonna tell us all about protecting our businesses from those ding dang thieves who wanna steal our hard earned money, a.k.a., financial fraud!

Seating is limited so y’all call Shey at the Chamber at 706-342-4454 to reserve your spot! Oh and the cost is only $10 including tax and gratuity for a really delicious lunch! Be there! Hey if you own a business related to health and wellness then honey you will definitely want to participate the Citizen’s fabulous Health & Wellness section to be published in the April 24 issue! Call us for special rates at 706-342-7440! Momma!

What are you doin’ with that crazy Harvey rabbit and where’d he get that bowler hat with his ears pokin’ out? Lord have Mercy! Don’t tell me you’re gonna take Harvey to the Derby Day party to support the Madison Morgan Conservancy on May 3 at Goose Creek Farm in Madison! Honey this fab annual event was voted one of the best Derby Parties in the entire country! Wow!

Y’all get your fab Derby hats and go to www.mmcgeorgia.org , click under events and buy your tickets online! Love it! Hey and y’all don’t forget MadisonFest is Saturday, April 26 at Town Park! Then we’ve got the Madison-Morgan Cultural Center’s Spring Tour of Homes! Love it! Oh and I’ll see all y’all this Friday at Gazebo Grooves in Town Park at noon! It’s gonna be a beautiful day and I know that ‘cause Junior flat told me so! Y’all shop local. Be sweet to Harvey the Rabbit and y’all have a beautiful Easter celebration!

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