JDA seeks grants to improve entrance to Stanton Springs

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By Nick Nunn staff writer

Paul Michael of TPA Group informed the Joint Development Authority (JDA) that there is work ongoing with the Georgia Department of Transportation (DOT) concerning traffic issues affecting the Stanton Springs development. Michael stated that the current interchange at the entrance to Stanton Springs looks “unfinished” and is “not as presentable as we would like it to be.” Additionally, he said that a hill located south of the eastbound exit ramp from Interstate 20, which causes traffic visibility issues, will also have to be dealt with but that that project will require specific DOT approval because of the hill’s proximity to the highway’s right of way.

Michael stated that the 46 acres consisting of the hill that creates the obstruction and the surrounding area will likely be sought after by retail developers in the future, and he recommended that a “mass grading” of the area take place to prepare for potential future developments. He said that the JDA is applying for a $50,000 Gateway Grant to be used on these two traffic projects.

For the grant related to these projects, Michael suggested that the JDA use the services of Brian Allen, senior vice president with Gresham Smith and Partners and former director of the Gwinnett County Department of Transportation. Michael said that Allen would “shepherd” the JDA’ s Gateway Grant application through the application process as well as seeking out additional grants. Allen put together two proposals related to the project, each charging $3,000 for his services.

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