Madison Council considers small cost of living raise

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By Nick Nunn staff writer

The Madison City Council voted unanimously to approve a 1.52 percent adjustment to the cost of living, which, according to City Manager David Nunn, will create a “modest increase” in the salaries of city employees. Nunn said that the adjustment will also shift the salary scale, which will help to keep city salaries competitive in the area.

“This helps keep our entry level positions… up to date,” said Nunn. Nunn said that he used a similar formula to what the Bureau of Labor Statistics uses for calculating cost of living increases, which involves comparison of the changing consumer price index for urban consumers living in the Madison area. “This is what the numbers say,” said Nunn.

According to Nunn, the 1.52 percent increase will create an increase of about $30,000, which will have to be taken into consideration for next year’s budget. The city council also approved a resolution to amend the city’s Urban Renewal Plan (URP), which was adopted in 2011. The amendment was previously recommended to the city council by the DDA, and the changes create the possibility of a high-density housing development in the West Washington Gateway. Planning Director Monica Callahan said that Parallel Housing, Inc., has applied for a rezoning in order to move forward with a senior housing project in the section of the Urban Renewal Area affected by the change, but she noted carefully that approving the amendment to the URP does not tie the city to Parallel Housing’s development. The council also briefly discussed a draft of a Transfer of Development Rights ordinance (TDR), which will come before them during the next few meetings.

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