MCMS soccer nears season end

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By Leila Dycus intern

Last week the MCMS soccer teams continued their impressive winning streak with matches against Putnam and George Walton Academy. On Tuesday April 8, MCMS traveled to Putnam County. Then on Thursday April 10 Morgan County traveled to George Walton Academy to take on another set of Bulldogs. The girls were the first to take on GWA. The game took place on a practice field, and the scoreboard was not turned on forcing fans to keep up with the score on their own. The MCMS girls played tough, keeping possession of the ball for most of the game. Much like many of their games this season the girls were able to hold GWA to a scoreless game.

As the MCMS score neared the mercy rule of 10 non-starters were put in. These players became impact players furthering the score. Many players, such as Madison Dorsey who have not had the chance to score this season put points on the board. The girls went on to beat GWA 10-0. The boys were next to take on GWA.

Morgan County scored first, sending the GWA fans into an uproar and causing them to cheer louder for their team. The GWA team rallied putting two points on the board and ending the half in lead. However, MCMS wasn’t giving up. The boys returned in the second half to put two more points on the board. The MCMS boys beat GWA 3- 2.

According to Coach Chip Meyer the middle school soccer teams do not have a post-season playoff tournament. The middle school soccer team’s schedule wraps up this week with matches against Greene County.

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