Young Artist Passion Project proposes art exhibit

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By Tia Lynn Lecorchick staff writer

The Young Artist Passion Project (YAPP) is the brainchild of the Morgan County African American Museum (MCAAM) and the Madison Artists Guild (MAG), both local non profit organizations. YAPP is trying to raise money for their program by April 16 to fund several projects to be debuted at city events. YAPP has formed a partnership with the city of Madison to promote art activity and appreciation among the youth of Morgan County. YAPP hopes to provide a venue for interactive art “Creation Stations” as well as a youth art exhibit and a silent auction to be featured at several events this year, including: Madisonfest, Firefly Festival, Chili Cookoff, and Caroling in the Park in 2014.

YAPP will construct Creation Stations, which will feature various types of art and artistic techniques, including woodwork, clay, painting, printing, and recycled art. Each station will be run by volunteer artist with 12 or more youth members from MAG. According to Elizabeth Collins, director of MAG, the Creation Stations “provide interactive art-making stations where visitors can experience art being made by local artists and try hands-on activities with a pottery wheel, a printmaking station, or a shaving cream painting station. Enjoy a gallery of juried student artwork and bid on quality art at reasonable prices to help us teach students about the making AND the business of art making.

The proposed art exhibit will feature artwork from Morgan, Greene and Putnam counties’ youth, ages six through 18. “The idea is to be all inclusive in the [these] areas,” said Collins. The artwork will be judged by MCAAM and MAG representatives, who give out awards at the end of each city event. At the art auctions, participants may choose to have their artwork for sale. This artwork will be displayed separately and be available by silent auction. Minimum bids will be listed on the bid sheet. According to Collins, 70 percent of sales will go to the artist and 30 percent will go back into YAPP.

“Initially we intend to use this money for supplies for future events but hope to build scholarship money for our youth intending to pursue a career in art,” said Collins. “To bring our vision into reality we are seeking to create and develop opportunities for youth to participate in, appreciate and understand the arts,” said Collins.

“The goal of our collaboration is to provide an opportunity for young people to experience different artistic media in hopes that they will find one that excites them. With further opportunities, they will be able to learn about the business of art and how to derive additional income from their passion of art.”

But this proposal is only the beginning of YAPP’s goals for the community. “The initial objective is to provide a series of events and classes for the introduction of various media. This will be followed by classes on the inner workings of the business aspects including budgeting, inventory development/control and marketing,” explained Collins. To donate to YAPP call 770-367-1203 or visit

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