BOC approves engineering work quote for Highway 441

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By Nick Nunn staff writer

The Morgan County Board of Commissioners (BOC) voted to approve a $9,000 quote from Georgia Civil, Inc., for engineering work related to Highway 441 right-of-way road improvements for the proposed farmers market, which will be located at 2620 Eatonton Highway. The fee proposal received from Georgia Civil lists five items that will “carry this project through the feasibility and GDOT permitting phase.” Georgia Civil will collect sufficient base data for the construction of a single commercial entrance into the property, locate private utilities on-site, create a preliminary analysis for water and sewer routing, prepare construction drawings for the recommended road improvement, and work with the GDOT to determine whether a left turn lane will be needed in addition to the “standard decel taper” that will be required. If it is determined that the left turn lane will be a necessary road improvement for the project, an additional engineer’s fee of $1,200 will be added to Georgia Civil’s quote.

The motion approved by the BOC allowed for the option of including the $1,200 fee without requiring an additional vote. If the left turn lane in included, the total fee charged by Georgia Civil will be $10,200. The BOC approved a $11,920 quote from First Environment, Inc., for the preparation of application documents related to Morgan County’s inert landfill to the Georgia Environmental Protection Division’s Solid Waste Management Program (SWMP). First Environment will collect information regarding the geological and hydrogeological characteristics of the site, detail information about the landfill’s operation data, create a “post-closure care plan” for the landfill, and put together a financial responsibility statement for submission to the SWMP.

The proposal from First Environment states that all of the required documents should be ready for submission by late June, providing that a boundary survey is supplied to them by the middle of May. The BOC approved a $3,500 quote from William Whitley for the boundary survey of the inert landfill. Whitley’s survey will be supplied to First Environment for the preparation of the SWMP application documentation. The BOC also voted to approve a $12,312 catastrophic inmate medical insurance quote from Hunt Insurance Group, LLC., of Tallahassee, Fla.

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