Buckhead council discusses successful Old Buckhead Days

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By Leila Dycus intern

On Monday April 21, the Buckhead City Council met for their monthly meeting to acknowledge a record-breaking Old Buckhead Days. “I was tickled to death with how many people were in Buckhead,” said Mayor Ricky Walker. Robin Bone, who headed up this years event, said that the event raised $2,065.19 and there are still checks coming in. Last year’s Old Buckhead Days raised $1,300. The council went on the thank Bone for all her hard work in putting together the event. The Real Buckhead 5k also broke event records, bringing in 124 participants. The council noted that there were many other races in the area on the same weekend and having such a large number like that was a big deal.

Cheryl Saffold also brought up the number of vendors, telling the council to keep this year’s vendors in mind when approaching people for next year’s event. Mayor Walker said that he thanked each of the vendors and asked them if attending the event was worthwhile to them. All of them said yes. The council decided that they would wait on the remaining checks to come in before deciding what to do with the money raised at Old Buckhead Days at the next meeting. The council members also discussed an alternate plan to the city’s water source problem. After being presented with a solution a few meetings ago that would end up costing the city approximately $250,000 the council has been looking into other options. Mayor Walker presented a possible alternative solution, which would involve rehabilitating a well located near the old gymnasium. He went on to say that he spoke to the government representative about the potential well and they told him that a sample of the well must be taken and a test done to see how much the well could produce.

Oconee Well Drillers, have been contacted about taking a sample and doing the test. If the well were found to be usable the cost would be much less, around $7,000 to get it up and running. The council will wait to hear back from Oconee Well Drillers before making a decision on what to do. Randy Ross then presented the fire department’s work in the solving of the drainage and flooding issues that have been going on around the firehouse and park. Mayor Walker thanked the fire department for their work in resolving the issues. Ross thanked the council for providing them with equipment to install the drainage system. “Everything works better when we work together,” said Walker. The council also discussed Christmas lights.

Mayor Walker presented the idea of rebuilding the fixtures they already have. Walker found a company, Dixie Decorations, which could rebuild the lights for half of what it would cost to replace them. The council will be emailed a financial breakdown of how much rebuilding the fixtures will cost and they will discuss the proposal again at the next meeting. The council also adressed the issue of when water service should be cut off after the customer has failed to pay their bill. Currently, the town of Buckhead gives a 60-day grace period to residents to pay their water bill. However, the town has had to cut off water to 10 to 12 homes each month. Walker feels like this is becoming an issue, and wants to consider shortening that to a 30-day grace period. The council had mixed opinions on the issue, with some feeling like 30 days is too harsh and others feeling like the change would be good. Saffold and Walker said that they try to work with people. The council decided to leave the grace period at 60 days for a few more months and see how it goes.

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