DUI suspect strikes tow truck operator

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By Patrick Yost Editor

Youngblood Motor Co. President and Co–owner Scott Youngblood was severely injured Saturday after a Columbia, S.C. woman struck Youngblood as he was operating a tow truck on Interstate 20. According to TFC Patrick Prosser, Georgia State Patrol, Youngblood was struck in the face by the woman’s side view mirror as he was attempting to load a vehicle that had earlier been involved in a single car accident. Prosser said two Morgan County Sheriff deputies at the scene had their vehicle blocking the right–hand lane with their emergency lights on during the 10:39 p.m. incident. Prosser also said that Youngblood had his tow truck emergency lights activated at the time of the incident. The incident occurred at the 110 mile marker on Interstate 20.

According to Todd Youngblood, Scott suffered a broken jaw and several facial fractures from the incident and has undergone two surgeries at Athens Regional and is expected to have more procedures scheduled. Prosser said Gladys Patricia McDaniel, 53, was driving a 2010 Jeep Compass westbound and moved to the left lane to avoid the deputies vehicles. Prosser’s report said that McDaniel then, however, moved back into the right hand land and struck Youngblood, whose truck was completely off the roadway and on the emergency lane.

Reports state that Morgan County Deputy Shawn O’Kelly was standing with Youngblood at the time of the incident and made an attempt to pull Youngblood to safety. McDaniel travelled another 800 feet before stopping in the emergency lane. Prosser’s report states that she told the trooper that she thought she had a flat tire and had stopped to examine her vehicle. The trooper’s report stated that McDaniel’s speech was slow and slurred and that she had urinated herself. McDaniel has been charged with a felony count of serious injury by vehicle, DUI, and a move over violation. Todd Youngblood said he expected his brother to return home later this week to begin a long process of healing.

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