Easter Egg Hunt at Bethany Baptist a success

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I do hope that spring has sprung; I know I said that last week, but oh, what a week we had, weather wise!  It was awful!  I am afraid that a lot of folks might have to replant after that frost we had, but maybe things are hardier than we think.  I know they had to have gotten bit a little.  I always remember what Aunt Frances, the original Mrs. Tri-Bee has always reminded us that in early May when her daughter, Becky was born, that they had a killing frost and all the farmers had to replant their cotton which really set them back.  So, remember, we are not safe until then! The Fairview Club met this past Wednesday at the home of Esther Curry with Sandra Brown as co-hostess.  At that time we honored Harriette Wade as the oldest member of our club and who was to soon celebrate her 95th birthday on this past Sunday, April 20th.   We had a special birthday cake for her and also gave her a beautiful pink geranium hanging basket.  She dearly loves flowers.  Aunt Harriette says that she has been coming to “the club” for practically all her life!

Her mother, Genie Maude Wilson, was one of the organizers of the club and remained very active in it for practically all her life.  She lived to be 93 years old.  The Fairview Club started out as a school improvement club, we believe, around 1915, according to Grandma’s writings, and they worked to have oyster supper and ice-cream fundraisers as a way to raise money and buy needed items for the Fairview School in the community.  I have in one of Grandma’s articles in 1924, where they organized and started the Fairview Women’s Home Demonstration Club where a home demonstration agent from the Extension Service would come to the club meeting every month and give a demonstration on canning and food preservation or some other topic which would help the country housewife in the running of her household and the tending of her family.  It was a much needed and appreciated service.  Grandma dearly loved her Fairview community and she believed in “the club.”   So, we today, are trying to carry on the torch, so to speak.  We all appreciate Aunt Harriette for all of her work in the club all these many years!  Several of Aunt Harriette’s family dropped in during the day on Sunday to wish her a very Happy Birthday!  Happy Birthday, Aunt Harriette! Johnathan Voyles is spending this week of his spring break from school with his grandparents in Monticello.  We all need to remember Garvin Prickett in our thoughts and prayers during these days as his health has really started to decline as of late.  His sister Grace of Louisiana is staying close by.

We also want to send healing thoughts and prayers to Abby Bruce as she had major jaw surgery on last Friday, but is now at her parents, Charles and Ginger Bruce’s. where she is continuing to recuperate.   Joan and Raymond Gilbert had as their Easter luncheon guests, Deann and Patrick Cook and girls, Dr. Ray and Becky Gilbert with Callie, along with Becky’s parents, Cooper and Sherry Dyer, and also Bobby and Emily Brewer.  Gloria and William Crew also hosted the annual Crew, Bone, and Herndon family Easter dinner on this past Sunday.  All the children enjoyed an Easter egg hunt afterward. Tim and Esther Curry enjoyed dinner with Amy and Darrell Greenway and Ellen Bruce on Saturday night.  William and Connie Zachary are enjoying a trip to Italy at the present time and will meet up with Effie, Doug, and Rose Powell along the way.  Sally and John Hensley along with Rebecca, Christopher, Colton, and GeorgiaAnn Morgan enjoyed Sunday Easter dinner at the home of Chad and Holly Roling and boys in Sword after Sunday services.

Matt Hensley had to work and Ryan Morgan had to leave for another stint at college where he is busy working on his masters degree.  Sally and John, along with Rebecca and the children also enjoyed having breakfast at Centenniel Baptist Church on Sunday.  Shirley Lancaster enjoyed having her son, Mike Lancaster, here for a visit for several days this past week.  Charlie and Patsy Holbert along with other family members attended the boot camp graduation of Sam Trammell this past week at Fort Benning at Columbus.  Congratulations, Sam!  Curtis Eaton was guest of his parents, Mary and Frank Eaton, for several days this past week while he also attended continuing education classes at the Forestry School in Athens.  Two of his UGA classmates in the forestry school spent one afternoon and evening with them enjoying some country life and telling college stories!  All of them work for Georgia Power Company and have been friends since their college days.  Martha, Sandy, Matthew, and Mary Martha spent the Easter weekend touring the Biltmore House and gardens near Asheville, NC.  Frank and Mary Eaton joined Elizabeth and Guy Thurmond and Joyce Bearden and Barbara Walker on this past Monday in Commerce for their Bearden monthly lunch.  They will miss Jim and Carrie Bearden who are enjoying their home in Sarasota, Florida.  The Gatewood Gators Varsity Boys soccer team finished their regular season and clinched the region title this past week.  Play-offs will begin Wednesday at Gatewood at 4:30.

The soccer team has won three straight years in a row.  Ben Porter is a member of the team.   The girls track team at Gatewood also won region champs winning out by almost 200 points.  Marlee Malcom was the region champ in high jump.  Congratulations to all these young people!  Dale and Howard Thompson enjoyed having their family to spend Easter Sunday with them.  Dawn, Tony, Chris, and Cole Epps of Athens, Brian and Chase Thompson, Amanda and Derrick Mealor, and the Thompson’s granddaughter, Victoria Thompson and her daughter Ansley all attended services with Dale and Howard at Beacon Heights Baptist Church and then enjoyed lunch afterwards.  All this made for a happy Mama!   Raegan Wilkins enjoyed going with her gymnastics team on Friday night to Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament in Atlanta.  They were also treated to a limo ride by one of the grandparents which was a real treat for the girls.  Raegan said it was a lot of fun!   Mrs. Millie Henson hosted the annual Carpenter family Easter dinner at her home this past Sunday.  Afterwards the children enjoyed the traditional Easter egg hunt where there is always one or more prize eggs from Uncle Jerry!  Olena Eaton enjoyed having most all of her family come in for Easter.

It looked like they were having an Easter egg hunt, too! Steve and Sarah Nell Craig had a nice surprise on Sunday morning when their daughter, Stacy and Brent Loudermelk from Charlotte, NC. came walking in to church at Calvary Baptist in Eatonton.  They all enjoyed the special Easter program that was put on.  Chuck and Janice Philippi enjoyed going to Jonathan, Jenna, and Cooper Philippi’s in Monroe on Saturday night where they helped Jonathan celebrate his 30th birthday.  Happy Birthday, Jonathan!  The children at Bethany Baptist did an excellent job of presenting the resurrection story and singing during the morning worship service .  The children also enjoyed an egg hunt at the conclusion of the children’s church.  Remember the Relay for Life Event that will be held on May 9th at the high school track here in Madison.  Antioch Baptist Church’s team, “The Velveteers,” will be participating.  Also, on May 1st, from 11 a.m. – 9 p.m. will be benefit day at The Chowder House Restaurant here in town.  They will be giving a portion of the proceeds to Relay for Life for anyone who eats on that day at the restaurant.

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