GCC finalizing network study

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By: Tia Lynn Lecorchick staff writer

The Greenspace Conservation Commission (GCC) is in the process of finalizing The Founders’ Trail Network Study, a document to become a guide for future grant applications, acquisition of land and easements for trails throughout the city of Madison, said Mollie Bogle, city planner. The GCC approved the latest draft on April 15 at the regular meeting, while leaving the document open to minor editorial changes. “There will be no substantive changes,” said David Land, chair of the GCC. The Founders’ Trail Network Study was written by Madison City staff and Trails Committee members. It will be reviewed by Madison City attorney, Joe Reitman and the GCC will finalize the document before submitting it to the city council.

According to the Founder’s Trail Study, the GCC has created a vision of connectedness of the city of Madison. “Imagine a network of trails connecting every neighborhood in Madison; carving a path to our downtown and along our rural fringe; carrying us along our landscape; making it possible to walk or bike to work and school; helping us to understand and celebrate our history and culture. Trails are very tangible gifts to our future. They will be accessible to people of all ages and abilities. Together they represent a commitment and an investment in the kind of community we want to create in the next century.” According to Bogle, The GCC is also in the process of planning to construct a connecting trail from Round Bowl Spring Park to the cemetery and an additional trail around New and Fairview cemeteries by December 2015.

This is a separate project, from the Founder’s Trail Study, but complementary in bringing the vision of the Founder’s Trail Study to fruition. The project is being funded by the $100,000 grant awarded to the GCC in 2013 by the Federal Recreational Trails Program and administered by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, State Parks and Historic Sites. “ Environmental review has been completed and a Project Agreement given to City staff March on 26, 2014,” said Bogle. “We have a lot of good things happening this year,” said Land.

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